Pochettino reveals Spurs v Man City could still be held at Wembley

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham announced on Monday that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium will not be ready on time, with fixtures having to be moved to Wembley, their home of last season.

Fulham, Liverpool, and Cardiff fixtures will now all be held at the national stadium.

However, one future match, that is still classified as TBC, is drawing more attention than others. Spurs v Manchester City is set to be played on October 28, but it is unclear whether the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be complete by this date.

Unfortunately, Wembley is already hosting an NFL match that day, so will be unavailable for Tottenham to use as a home ground on the 28th. This has led to rumours of a desperate hunt for a third home ground for the season, with Twickenham being thrown about as an option.

The options to reschedule or reverse the fixture are said to have been rebuffed by the Premier League, due to the risks of creating an unfair schedule for certain teams.

During his press conference, Pochettino was able to shed some more light on the uncertain situation.

“At the moment I cannot say that we’re not going to play this game in our new stadium,” he said.

“If you ask me today if it’s not possible to play in the new stadium, of course it’s about finding a way to play at Wembley because I think to play at another place, maybe three stadiums in one season, will be too much.

“Maybe we need to adapt. If the day after the NFL game maybe the pitch is not in the best condition, but we need to make the effort and try to play in the end because maybe to find another date will be difficult.

“But I’m a person always positive that tries not to complain about the things you cannot change.

“We try to find the best solutions and try to help in the end to perform in the best way and win games, because in the end that’s our job.”

The Spurs boss also spoke of his incredible disappointment over the news of stadium building delays.

“We all feel disappointed of course with the announcement from the club this week. I feel so sorry for myself first of all, for our fans, the players, everyone, and of course for our chairman.

“He tried with the board and everyone who is involved with building the new stadium to arrive on time. It’s been a massive effort. That we cannot deliver for the Liverpool game is massively disappointing for everyone.

“We need to be all together. Of course I understand the problems about the tickets, the money and everything, and I feel sorry for them.

“I want to say thank you and apologise. We’re going to try to reward them by winning games.

“It’s the only way we can add and can pay all the effort they are doing and they are going to do for the club.”

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