Pochettino reveals what changes he made in the second half against Liverpool to turn the tables

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Yet again, Tottenham managed to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory against Liverpool yesterday, making it four losses in the last five domestic games.

Spurs came into the game off the back of a woeful run in the Prem, dropping 11 of their last 12 possible points, and next up was a title contender.

It seemed as if Tottenham wouldn’t even get out of first gear after the first 30 minutes, with Liverpool one nil up and controlling the game.

Spurs then improved slightly for the final 15, before a Pochettino masterstroke saw then turn the tables in the second half.

Tottenham came out looking like a different team, and dominated the second 45, equalising through Lucas Moura.

They then went on to knock on the door of a winner through Sissoko and Alli, but somehow managed to concede a late goal and wave goodbye to all three points.

The only positive for Spurs was that the general performance was a vast improvement from the sorry show at Southampton.

Poch said (Football London): “We changed the shape after the first half when we conceded. Always you have a plan in your head and it doesn’t always work. The most important thing is when it doesn’t work have the capacity to always find a different way. I think the team has this capacity and flexibility to change, to change the shape and the positions on the pitch in the offensive and defensive situations. Always keeping the same philosophy. That is the most important thing, to have a different plan to play.

“Of course in the second half we changed the positions and the shape, we started to build better and for Liverpool it was difficult to read the situation when we started to build from the back and how we started to break the pressure from them, the first defensive line and then we started to play forward and dominate the game and create chances.

“Liverpool couldn’t read it, but of course they have quality players who can score goals. That is why Liverpool are there because they have unbelievable quality.

“But I am so happy in the way that we dealt with the game, of course so disappointed because in the end we lost, but you know I think the game was more for us and we dominated them. We need to be happy and keep that emotion. That’s the most important thing for me. Of course congratulate them because they won and in the end the most important thing is the three points and it’s on their side. For us maybe now we are competing in a different level and we need to be happy because that performance made us believe we are in the right way.”

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