Pochettino reveals who he believes Spurs’ biggest rivals are


You don’t have to know very much about football to know that Tottenham and Arsenal don’t get along very well.

The North London Derby is one of the most anticipated and well-known derbies in world football, eagerly awaited by the fans of each side at the start of the season.

West Ham United also fancy themselves as a bit of a Spurs rival, although the club aren’t exactly on the same level of stature in the Premier League as Tottenham.

However, despite these bitter rivalries, Pochettino believes it’s a different team who hold the title as Tottenham’s biggest rival.

Poch has named Chelsea as his side’s most fierce Premier League rival.

It is true that since Poch’s reign, Chelsea vs Spurs has been somewhat of an aggressive grudge match.

Chelsea halted Tottenham’s title hopes in Leicester’s famous year with a 2-2 draw in a heated game now known as ‘the battle of the bridge.’

Spurs and Chelsea then fought it out for the title the season after, finishing seond and first respectively.

The Mirror report Poch said: “It’s a good signal our fans want more every ­season and with rivalry, always you look at the teams above you.

“For us, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham have been our ­biggest rivals. But I think that has changed a bit because of our positions in the table.

“In the last few years Chelsea were always on the top and ­Arsenal, after 21 or 22 years, were below us again.”


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