Pochettino rumours – Where has the respect gone in football?

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur have been making a lot of the back pages this week, but not for the reasons they would have wanted.

After the sacking of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, Spurs boss Pochettino has been heavily linked with the permanent job (Goal.com).

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been named as interim boss until the end of the season, but that doesn’t rule out a move for Poch in the summer.

Many media outlets are talking as if Pochettino to United is a certainty, as if it’s a decision already decided by all parties (Telegraph).

They seem to think that little old Tottenham are not capable of keeping the likes of United at bay, or the Argentine boss happy in his role at the club.

Pochettino has been at Tottenham for well over four years now, and has taken the club to new levels, but his job isn’t finished yet.

Amidst rumours surrounding himself and Real Madrid, the most attractive job in football right now, Poch decided to sign a new five year deal in the summer.

He was committed to his long term project at Spurs then, and his comments over the past week have implied that has not changed.

So why are the media showing such a lack of respect to Tottenham?

You wouldn’t get these kind of headlines if Klopp was linked to Barcelona, or Pep to PSG, but because Tottenham are not consistent title winners, they think they can report whatever they like with no substance.

It’s time for the papers to show a bit of respect and report the news, rather than stories with no evidence to back them up.

Pochettino is the Tottenham manager until he says otherwise.

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  1. Good article Seb! It appears that Jose getting the bullet is the most important thing in the world, including Brexit. The sheer arrogance of assuming that we will roll over and give up on Poch and half the team just because Salford United snap their fingers is not just a lack of respect, but sheer arrogance.

    You expect it from Man U and their fans, but the media are even worse. The press conference was well handled, it is not there to discuss rumours about our manager.

    Well said!

  2. Absolutely agree. Would klopp or pep not be a good fit for United? Don’t see there names being mentioned. Everything said and published so far stinks of desperate United fans expressing their fantasy manager.

  3. Snce when has the media ever had respect for anything or anybody. As long as they get 1% of speculation right they are happy. Stir the sh1t and let it smell should be their motto.

  4. What is the point of football if the so called lesser clubs have to roll over when the arrogant a–eh–es come calling? Spurs have a better side than Salford United, Poch is loved, and the team are moving to a ground that is at least the equal of any ground in the country. Is there an unwritten role that nobody should take over as the top team in the country from Manchester United? That lot have messed up in the last few years and now it is time to splash the cash to cover up their tactical and strategic inadequacies. It is sickening that some including the media think an offer of more cash is all that is required. Neville is talking as if it is a done deal and Carragher is just a thick nasty bit of work. With a bit more effort and experience Spurs could gel into a League winner, potentially they have just as big a fan base as United, and yes there is a real possibility that at long last there could be a move in the football hierarchy which is long overdue. Poch should stay and move back to Spain in a few years when his job is done. I will be so disappointed if Poch is swayed by all this disrespectful rubbish in the press but if he goes Spurs should get an equivalent manager such as the Athletico Madrid manager who is the equal of Poch and has maintained a high standard for a large number of years. Levy has plenty of aces up his sleeves and how wonderful to put two fingers up at the supposed knowalls

  5. Says a lot for Poch, that he’s the only contender for the job at Manure. Klopp and Pep are 1st an 2nd in the league. Why aren’t they candidates for the post? Speculation shit, as Trump would say Fake news.


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