Pochettino sees City comparison as “unfair”


According to an article on ESPN Mauricio Pochettino says it is “completely unfair” to compare Tottenham Hotspur to Saturday’s big-spending opponents Manchester City.

The article says Pochettino described the club’s approach as the “complete opposite” to big-spending City’s, however he admitted there would be no more excuses once they have moved into their new stadium at the start of next season.

It adds we have the second-lowest net spend in the Premier League over the last five years, and they again made money in the summer, while City, who spent over £200 million in the last transfer window, have the highest.

It goes on to say how we began the campaign talking up our title chances but unbeaten City’s record-breaking form has left Pochettino focussed on ensuring Champions League qualification ahead of the club’s planned return to White Hart Lane.

We travel to the Etihad Stadium 18 points behind City and and the article adds we are hoping to end their run of 15 straight league wins however Pochettino believes comparisons between the teams are unjust, even though they have finished above City in the previous two campaigns.

“Of course it’s a massive improvement by Manchester City — they won [a] few Premier Leagues and they keep improving and improving and investing and investing, but Tottenham is in a complete different way today,” Pochettino said on the eve of the match.

“In the moment that we arrive in the new stadium, the people will be allowed to blame [us] if we don’t improve and don’t achieve.But I think today it’s important to recognise the effort that the club is making: trying to be competitive, trying to play Champions League, trying to fight with the big sides like City, [Manchester] United that, in the end, don’t care what they spend if they can win.

Pochettino added: “For us, it’s completely different and I think it’s not fair to compare the club [to them]. I don’t put myself as a victim,” Pochettino said. “It’s only to say this is what the club is doing. And maybe in a few years is the moment say, ‘Come on, the club now need to win and need to compete, and with the same tools as another big club.’

Pochettino went on to say: “That is the moment to say ‘compare,’ ‘compare with another club,’ but today it’s completely unfair that the people, the media is going to compare Tottenham with a club like Manchester City, United or Chelsea. We are in a complete opposite side. I’m not complaining about nothing. It’s only that I accept our position and where we are.”

The article also adds that if City win again on Saturday, they will become the first team since 1953 to beat Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and us before the New Year in the same season, while they have already broken our 1960 record for the best start for a top-flight campaign with 15 wins and a solitary draw.

The article describes how It was suggested to Pochettino that there is an aura of invincibility about Pep Guardiola’s side at present, leaving their opponents beaten before the game has begun.
“We felt the same last season at White Hart Lane — that something special happened around the team,”: said Pochettino, whose team dropped just four points at home and did not lose a league game there last season.
“A player a week or two ago that said, ‘Wow, I remember last season, we always start 1-0 up at White Hart Lane.’ Because something special was happening.

Pochettino added: “And for the opponent, it was tough to play against us. But now, of course, City are doing fantastic. The respect of their opponents and everyone is massive, and yes, we feel the same — that we respect our opponent, it’s so important — but in the end, we’re going there to fight, to kill them and try to win.That is the most important. For us, we are winners. We need to give our best.”

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