Pochettino speaks out on that Harry Kane headbutt

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur lost against their bitter rivals Chelsea last night at Stamford Bridge, in a match that also saw star striker Harry Kane lose his cool.

Spurs vs Chelsea is always a lively affair in terms of aggression and physicality, although it is rare to see Kane lose his temper in any way on the pitch.

However, Kane may now face a retrospective fine or ban as footage shows him leaning his forehead into that of Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta, before pushing forward in a headbutt motion.

This would usually be a straight red if seen by the referee, but Harry Kane’s actions went unnoticed.

It all came about after Davin Sanchez hoofed the ball downfield after Chelsea had put it out to deal with an injury.

Sporting behaviour dictates that you give the ball back to the other team, then play on. With the ball travelling nicely towards the Chelsea keeper, David Luiz decided to be clever and control it with his head and bring it down, at which point Kane deemed it was fair game to play again.

Luiz, Caballero, and Azpilicueta disagreed, and thought it was poor sporting behaviour to start closing down again straight away.

Pochettino has since commented on Kane’s head-to-head actions (Football London): “I think he’s so competitive on the pitch. We were frustrated, we want to win, we show our character. Things that happen that we don’t know because it’s impossible from outside the pitch to see what is going on inside. But that is football. It’s not a thing we should be worried about. When you finish the game and shake hands, big hug and the game finishes and it’s finished.”

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