Pochettino “Success isn’t only measured by trophies””

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Mauricio Pochettino insists trophies should not be the only measure of their success as they prepare to face Crystal Palace on Sunday according to Sky Sports

We of course beat defending European champions Real Madrid 3-1 in the Champions League on Wednesday, certainly one of the highlights of Pochettino’s tenure to date.

The article adds that under Pochettino’s stewardship we have racked up a second and third-place finishes in the Premier League however we are still lacking in silverware.

“With the project we have here and the philosophy and everything, it is completely different today, the Premier League,” :Pochettino said. “When you compare with the other teams that compete with us, for me it is a very successful period.
“If only [the aim] is to win a title, maybe it is not a successful period.”

The article adds that Pochettino has likened the current-day Tottenham side to that of Manchester United in the mid-1980s to early 90s, the early years under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management.

Pochettino said: “I always say the same when people ask me – Man United with Ferguson spent six years and in year seven won the title,
“I think we are in a different project and for me, of course, I would like to win because I love to win. I am a winner. I feel I am a winner and of course, I want to win a title.

He added:”At the moment, we are working hard and giving our best to try to achieve that but there are many things happening in the club and the project that make us feel that we are winning.”

So are we in a period before a Fergie-esque style dynasty with Pochettino or is that a thing of the past. Certainly would be fantastic to start adding silverware. What do you think? Will Poch do a Fergie and stay for a long time with similar success? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. As a Spurs fan since the early 60s, of course it's important to win trophies, especially with one of
    the best Tottenham squads that I can recall, but I'm so glad that Poch sees the bigger picture.
    The success of Man U throughout the 90s and most of the Millenium will be remembered as the
    Ferguson years, and that is what Spurs, Levy and Poch want. We may never reach their heights in terms
    of success, but it will prove wonderfully rewarding in attempting it
    Meanwhile the bloated over-rich and greed ridden clubs who feel it's their RIGHT to paste-on success, year
    after year, will continue to covet our manager and players …rather than re-build gradually with a solid base
    as we have done. Basically these clubs (RM, MU, Chelsea, Barca, Bayern etc) have nowhere to go;
    they've been so used to being at the highest echelons of world football, they'll sack a manager if they finish 2nd in their League or only reach the semis of the CL.
    I will tell you why Poch won't join RM. It's because in ten years time, even if Poch's RM win a few
    La Ligas and CLs, no one will remember it was Poch who was manager! It will just be Real Madrid
    winning trophies ..and the coach will be forgotten. You don't get coaches at RM anyway, you get temporary caretakers
    of a smooth winning machine at the most famous club of all time. Allow that winning machine to slightly dip, and you're
    history. But if Poch stays at Tottenham he will be remembered forever ..no matter how many trophies he may win ..because of the legacy he will leave. Fame is waiting for him with Spurs …the great training facilities, the new ground, the players
    believing in him, the support of his Chairman and owners, the control of who is bought and sold, and players coming
    through the system, and so on! He is also in charge of one of football's greatest sleeping giants, who is
    now awakening to Poch's New World! Why would he leave all that?? For a bit more money?? Win the
    league and CL at RM or PSG, and yet get sacked for not winning the following year?? This isn't just Tottenham's
    challenge to compete with the very best over the next few years ..it's Poch's, and he's relishing it!


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