Pochettino to commit to one more season?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

According to The Sun, Mauricio Pochettino is set to commit for one more season at Tottenham Hotspur when he meets Daniel Levy for “crisis” talks.

Pochettino, who is wanted by Chelsea, threw his future into doubt after Sunday’s 5-4 win over Leicester and the article says that although the Spurs chief accepts he got carried away with his post-match moments, he still wants assurances from chairman Levy before committing his future to the club.

Pochettino is one of the most sought-after coaches in world football and it adds that he is reluctant to trade the goodwill he has at Tottenham for a controversial move to Stamford Bridge, however, he is desperate to land some of the game’s major honours.

The article goes on to say that Pochettino believes Levy has been preoccupied with the building work at our 61,000-seater stadium at the new White Hart Lane.

It adds how he has complained about the lack of financial backing to create a team good enough to land the biggest trophies with the Spurs chief urged Levy to “tell the truth” to supporters on Sunday after the club’s third-place finish.

It goes on to say Levy himself has never put his head coach under pressure to bring home trophies — and Pochettino is convinced his boss is content with Champions League football and that does not suit the ambitious young manager and he wants Levy to release substantial funds this summer to improve his playing squad.

Both Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Chelsea will all re-arm this summer and he will also be up against a new Arsenal manager next term.

Now the Mirror did state only yesterday that Pochettino was off to Chelsea but now he’s going to give the club “one more year” Now there usually is no smoke without fire but at the moment it all seems to be just rumour. What do you think about the whole situation? Do you think Pochettino is slightly unsettled or is he trying to force Levy’s hand?

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  1. This looks like newspaper (if you consider the Sun a newspaper) fluff to me: Poch has three years on his current contract, so talk of “one more year” is nonsense.

  2. It’s reported in the Sun? They have no idea what the truth is and make up stories to entertain the morons that read the rag. Rubbish article from people who still write using crayons.

  3. Yes I think Poch is trying to say look if we wanna compete then it’s gonna take some investment both in new players and keeping the core of the team together. The more consistent Spurs fight for major honours then of course other teams are gonna take notice both in players we have and obviously the manager. Poch has more than proved himself on shoe string budgets compared to the others and now it makes sense that he is given everything he needs to bring success to Spurs. If we are questioning Poch’s commitment then Levy should offer him a contract ext and see how Poch reacts. If he declines an exit then that may well be a clear indication that he’s not in it for the long haul!! There has to be a bit of give and take on both sides. But know this!! If Levy doesn’t back Poch and help him where he feels he needs it, then Poch is likely to walk away and there will be plenty of offers for his services who will offer him an open chest of funds and with it, players who probably only commit to Spurs because of Poch will probably also decide to move on. As for the ‘newspaper’ article……..Click Bait!!!!!!

  4. A load of utter fabricated media Bull*ht! Seriously, Champions League 3 years on the trot, new £1b stadium to move into, quality players, new signings to come soon… yeah, of course he’s off. Media Dicks trying to sell our players and now our Manager.. Just shit off and write about The Arse or Chelski doing f-all this season. Sell their players/Manager instead.

  5. Utter tosh from the press trying to unsettle the club with made up rumours. Last month our ground wasn’t going to be ready,most of our senior squad were prepared to leave and now it’s the manager. All this follows morale boosting news given by the club so the press try to change that with ‘fake’ news.

  6. Don’t get drawn in on the daily bullshit written in the Sun, Mirror and Daily Star. Hasn’t Pochettino recently said to the World on camera that he still has 3 years remaining on his contract? Where all of a sudden he’s supposedly said that he’s going to give it one more year? These people masquerading as journalists are nothing more than story tellers more suited to writing for comic books.

  7. Poch’s post-match press conference from Sunday afternoon after the 5-4 victory against Leicester City is on YouTube; I just watched all thirteen or so minutes of it in which he’s charming and matter-of fact, and not threatening anybody with anything. He’s going to be talking to the club chairman in the near future about plans for the future, just like at every other club says Poch, although that clause went unreported by the scribblers so anxious to conjure up conflict and a story. This here article says that chairman Daniel Levy has not put pressure on Poch to win trophies, and that this suggests he is less ambitious than Pochettino, but this is misleading too. Why misleading? Because when Levy appointed Pochettino it wasn’t on the basis of next season or the one after that ‘You must get into the top four’ (which is what the presumptuous football media were claiming a couple of seasons ago) rather that Poch was being given plenty of elbow room to sort out what needed sorting and then to press on. In other words, D Levy realised that here was a talented manager and coaching staff worth giving time and space to set about what Poch has already achieved: three consecutive top three-placings in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018. Levy must be delighted, and Poch likewise, and the press conference on YouTube indicates no more than a calm, friendly and ambitious manager relieved one season is over and keen to sort out priorities for the club and supporters in the new stadium. Read the positive comments of Danny Rose, Chris Eriksen and other leading players in the last few days. Read about contract extensions signed this week by Kyle Walker Peters, Davinson Sanchez, Cameron Carter Vickers, and Harry Winks. This is a club looking ahead.

  8. Cant believe the rubbish the papers are saying he’s not going anywhere,
    All he was saying was the first part of there plan had succeeded, “which was to arrive at the new stadium with a new team without old spursy tag, a team ready to be competitive.
    He’s done that and more, he just wants to know what he’s new remitt was and that he had some ideas of what he would like to do next, “and was going to put he’s ideas to levy and hoping he would agree. Hes been a manager that likes to work with the younger player and hasnt done really well with the senoir players he’s worked with in the past and has got rid of anyone who upsets the group.
    Which is why he’s not going to Madrid or Chelsea or man u paris st.
    There are to many senior player’s at all them club’s which do not like to start afresh by clearing out all there stars who dont like to trian hard and work hard. And for poch its my way or the highway.
    He just wants to know if there is that certain player that he thinks can take hes team to the next level and we should push the boat just a little further than we do. Take the risk and dont haggle so hard and to long? coys


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