Pochettino to United? Our thoughts

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It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a rumour and today the Sunday People are claiming that Manchester United are targeting Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino as a possible replacement for Louis van Gaal.

The press seem to have a common theme for trying to unsettle things at Tottenham when we are on the verge of something, my memory rewinds itself to when “Redknapp for England” was all over the papers and we know how the feels feel off our Champions League hopes that season, when eventually cost Harry his job.

I feel Pochettino is different, however. He is focused on the job at hand at Spurs and it would be suicide by Daniel Levy if he was ever to let this man leave the club whilst he is transforming the style of play, team spirit and work ethic of the players.

Pochettino and his backroom staff are doing everything right at the club. There is a focus on youth, promoting from within and also with the addition of Paul Mitchell we are scouting the lower leagues for the country’s bright talent with Dele Alli being a shining example of how this works.

According to the report, United’s board were impressed with his calmness, dignity and coaching ability even before he joined Spurs 18 months ago.

What do you make of the rumour? Have your say below.

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  1. Levy must know that letting Pochettino is not an option. He's the manager Spurs have craved for so long and every part of our strategy hinges on keeping him. Levy must move heaven and earth to do so.

  2. Can’t see it myself as Utd would have to write off another 2 yrs as their current players are utterly unsuited to the Poch press. They’d then sack him!

  3. Sadly money talks and you can’t deny the prestige of Man U. It’s a got along super brand and deservedly so.

    However, you do get a feeling that Poch is pragmatic and wants to build something memorable.

    I supposed this situation would boil down to 2 things. How well we deliver this year when we have the initiative and how much Levy cares to keep the manager.

    For the first time in a long while I feel the gaffer is far more integral than any one players, so would be happier selling any individual than seeing him and his philosophy expire too soon.

  4. The problem we have is that if we succeed under Poch then the mega-clubs will be sniffing around …….in England and Spain. If we don’t succeed, he may want to go somewhere with a better chance. We can liken him to Simeone who has been linked with every top job for the last 2-3 years. In many respects this is outside Levys control so long as he gives Poch the funds and freedom he needs.

  5. It's down to Levy to move heaven and earth to keep him and offer him a long term contract say 8 years. The only thing is if Poch says he wants to go then there is a problem and basically it will be hard to keep him if he says he doesn't want to stay with us so it is down to Poch really if these rumours are true! he is ambitious as he has already said but hopefully he sticks with our vision for the future and what we are trying to achieve long term with the stadium, youth players etc! i've said it before if any of our manager's aren't loyal and they want to leave because they think the grass is greener somewhere else then he is not committed and focused on us and should leave! i think a lot of the press are Gooners and like to try to unsettle us with made up stories as they don't like us getting to near to them as there scared we might overtake them, i wouldn't be surprised if they started the Redknapp for England campaign to unsettle us, it's what they do i'm sure! Levy needs to offer Poch a new 8 year deal so we can keep this stability we have got for once! Coys!

  6. Why would the Spurs manager leave for lesser club like Manchester United Spurs are on the up with the best young squad in the country state of the art stadium on the way. Poch would be going backwards in every way the only thing that is bigger than Tottenham at the moment is the name of Manchester United stay put.

  7. In footballing terms Pochettino would be risking his managerial career big time. Unfortunately money talks and United , Real Madrid etc just pay what it takes to get their way. We can only hope Poch loves football more than numbers in a bank account.

  8. We need Poch to come out and say he doesn't want to leave us and wants to stay long term! if he stays silent and says he doesn't want to talk about his future when asked by the press then we know he wants to leave! i think he is committed to us and will be with us for a long time, can't see him ruining what he has built and what he is building for the future.

  9. Fergie mind games. Manu are fighting us for the 4th spot, they’ll do whatever it takes, sow the seeds of doubt. They know how much they stand to lose if they miss out on CL next year.

  10. mind games to up set spurs,not great for van gaals mind though ,…his mind was nt in great state to start with anyway("van gaals army"he he he we ahead and staying ahead

  11. Why even entertain the notion that Poch would contemplate abandoning a project that is still in its infancy, and snowballing into something that is heading to becoming epic?

    Poch is happy with the development of his ‘big picture’! The chairman of Spurs is backing Mauricio in every way. The players are united in praising his coaching methods and unlike many other clubs, everyone is supporting each other and showing a solidarity never felt or seen at Spurs before. What have Man U to offer over and above what Poch is receiving at THFC? More money? Is Pochettino money driven? I think not. I believe he is ambitious and has already stated his intention to create the teams of the future and stay at Spurs! Hopefully, he will succeed in everyway he strives! Man U had their time with Ferguson, now it’s Spurs’s turn with Mauricio Pochettino. I think you will Be hard pressed to find any Non-Pochettino fans. We the fans, together with the players are feeling like we are part of a family!


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