Pochettino vows to keep the good times going

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Two and a half days after the glory of beating Real Madrid, Mauricio Pochettino drove to work in the Bentley presented to him by chairman Daniel Levy as a reward for changing perceptions of his club it says in an article in The Daily Mail.

‘To be honest, I prefer to drive my Smart car,’: said Pochettino. ‘But when my wife takes the Smart I am left with the Bentley.’

The article adds that Poch’s preference to use a smart car suited the mood of the day at Hotspur Way, which was all about the Pochettino making sure his players keep their ‘feet on the grass’ while using their Champions League heroics to tank up on self-belief.

“The challenge is to keep the good times because it is a great club,’:added Pochettino.
‘There was a view of Tottenham in the past that we’ve been working hard to change. When we came here, our first game was against West Ham and Tottenham had lost to them three times the season before and then it was QPR at home and that was Harry Redknapp in charge.

Pochettino continued: “So, the Premier League fixtures were announced and everyone went, “Wow, look at the start to the season”.
‘My face was like the emoticon with the big eyes and from that moment we worked hard to change the perception.

‘Come on, we are Tottenham. We must feel we can smash everyone. I don’t care if it’s West Ham or QPR with Harry Redknapp. We won both games… then we started to go down!’

The article adds that Mauricio insists he never heard of the term ‘Spursy’ until he was told that Spurs weren’t as ‘Spursy’ as they used to be.

The article continues saying what could be more ‘Spursy’ than to give a lesson to Real Madrid and, four days later, drop points against rock-bottom Crystal Palace.

The article adds that these are issues which have plagued Spurs for years, however the article says it isn’t just Spurs that it happens to with other European teams to be caught out in the afterglow of victory against Real Madrid.
Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Juventus and Schalke have all dropped points in their next domestic fixture after beating Real.

‘It is not only physical effort but emotional,’ said Pochettino. ‘The effort was massive. Now, I have to be clever and try to pick the best team.
‘It is not sure we can play with the same team and have success against Crystal Palace.’

Pochettino concluded:”We must be focused and use that result (Real) to lift us and build our confidence, ‘but also to understand we must still work hard to get another good result.
‘The challenge is to forget Real and start to think Palace is another final because after defeat against Manchester United it’s important to win again in the league.’

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