POLL: Should Spurs sign David Beckham?


Ok, let’s start the New Year with a simple poll – do you want Tottenham Hotspur to sign David Beckham on loan?

Leave your vote below:-

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  1. Its a no brainier for me, Yes his age is not on his side but what he Will bring to the team would be so much more than just warming the bench and playing when Azza needs a rest!

    This guy has played for Top teams in EU and played against the best in an England shirt.

    If Spurs got there man, were be getting someone that still has passion for the game and would motive us on the pitch when we drop off the pace.

    Beckham in my eyes would be a Centre/Deep midfielder using his passing range to deadly ends, sorry but if we keep playing placios were going to shoot are own foot off soon.

    and to end it all He would bring a Wealth of Experiences to the training field and for a youth players!

    For a loan that would cost us next to nothing what have we got to lose!

  2. We can take him,but lets not get complacent and think thats job done,Becks would give us a bit of quality rightside if Lennon is having an off day,but is Bale gonna give up his free kicks happily?we dont wanna upset the Balester!If he's coming then get the deal done now and start addressing the more pressing problems,rightback,another striker etc,no doubt Becks would raise our profile even more and i dont blame him for wanting to come play for the new glamour club of europe!!

    • We all love Bale to bits but free kicks are not what he is all about. How many has he actually scored from for us?

      It’s an absolute no brainer that if we have the chance to sign Becks we should jump at it. The experience he would bring would be invaluable, it makes commercial sense and don’t forget that the guy has ability and still has enthusiasm. He might just make the difference!

  3. I can only imagine that the same fool has voted time and time again to make this vote more yes than no. Why don't we ask Jimmy Greaves if he fancies a run out.

  4. From the point of improving the game of Spurs it wouldn’t have any serious positive effect. Only it would eventually have a positive impact on the commercial aspect and would increase the popularity of the team worldwide.

  5. Voted yes for Becks. Would also like to see Ronaldinho. I don't feel the need to be slating our current midfielders, mind.

  6. It will not do us any harm to try him out for a few months on loan to see how well he fits into a team that is performing well at the moment. I tend to think he will enrich the team because of his great experience as an accomplished footballer rather than disrupt its winning ways at the moment.

  7. If he demonstrates a professional and hard working attitude to the likes of Dos Santos, Bostock and any other full of themselves youngsters at the club, then he would be worth his weight in gold. (which might be what he costs!!)

  8. Commercially this is a shrewd move by Levy as the shirt sales (locally AND globally) will bulk up the coffers. You can fully expect the execs from Sky to fall over themselves to somehow arrange at least one of our games to get on TV.

    Sponsors will be happy, our global appeal raises considerably.

    His impact on training the youngsters will be noticable. 2 months working closely with someone like that will bring on peoples games and his work rate will rub off on people. Azza may finally get decent final product training.

    I hope he does sign.

  9. @ Chris Coles. A deep lying cm who can’t tackle hasn’t played in a league with the pace of the pl for seven years and whose legs have long gone. Yeah great get him in. Sorry if I sound cynical but this smacks of a commercial decision rather than a footballing one.

  10. get becks more for what he do to improve on lennon’s delivery…. might also be useful as backup to same… as for glamour, we quite on a high, but becks is becks… nothing to lose here, not with ‘Arry firmly in control

  11. America is a dumping ground for old players that have served their best days and have little or nothing left to offer, it would be ridiculous to bring him back. I agree with the other people who say this is just a commercial decision.

  12. Seems like Levy trying to con the Spurs fans by signing Beckham to keep us quiet. What we REALLY need is Levi to spend money on a new right back, centre back and striker. We’ve got to finish 4th or we won’t be in CL next year and as much as we are playing really well at the moment we aren’t good enough for 4th with this squad I’m afraid.

  13. Anyone who voted ‘yes’ clearly hasn’t seen Beckham play at club level within the last 8 years. Lennon is getting better and better each game. It’s the end result which is failing us. This Beckham palava is just taking the focus off the fact that we need a quality striker. Our top scorer this season is a 20 year old left midfield player (who was playing left back last season!). We shouldn’t be depending on a left midfield player to win our games. We need a quality striker. End of.

  14. beckham will encourage the younger players who look up to him and might just stay behind after training for an hour helping lennon on his crosses or bale on his free kicks and he will play 100% in every match and i reckon we will miss him when his loan expires!

  15. Can someone please tell me what England actually won or achieved under Beckham's captaincy?
    Can anyone actually point to one single World Cup Final or European Championship Final Tournament in which he played well?

    • It's fair to debate whether he'll be good for us, but it's senseless trying to imply that he was no good in his earlier career. Are you saying that every captain who doesn't win anything isn't worth his salt? Presumably you think that Robson, Shearer and Keegan were all useless.
      Whatever you think about him at international level, Spurs are a club, not a country, and at club level he has excelled for the two biggest clubs in Europe, winning team and individual accolades, so I don't think his CV's up for debate.

  16. Yes!Yes!Yes! Even for a short time Becks could bring so much to our young guys with his experience and his total willingness to share and advise & i’m with andycam, i’m a big Bale fan but his free kicks need help, right now our best free kick taker is the fantastic van der Vaart (what a Great Signing!). Modic! Lennon! Hud! Ekotto! Kaboul! we havw some Great Players!! and a Lot of depth in our Team and who knew??? Gallas has turned out to be a Gem for us! Thanks Harry and i hope you get Becks, crossing my fingers, as you’re already looking at the Benefits even 2 months of Becks could bring!!!! Go Spurs.

  17. Experience is the one thing I feel our midfield really lacks at the moment. Many Spurs fans spat til they bled over Gallas signing but look how well that's turned out! Experience makes the difference in big games, particularly away from home as Gallas showed at the Emirates. When we're playing Milan at the San siro and Bale's getting hacked down, Jenas goes missing and Wilson keeps giving the ball away, that's when we could do with someone like Beckham – someone who expects to win every game because he's been through it all before. Big problem for Spurs this season has been switching on from the start – do you think Beckham has that problem? Course he doesn't! I'm not expecting him to set the prem alight again, but he will have an extremely positive effect when he comes.

  18. Why sign Beckham? What we need is a striker who is going to score 20 to 30 goals a season and maybe and decent centre half like Cahill from Bolton

  19. We have 7 centre backs we don't need any more. The only reason we have been letting in goals is that they have all been injured but now Dawson is back we will keep a lot more clean sheets. A striker we need and Beckham can only be a benefit for 2 months with his vast experience and knowledge being passed onto our youngsters plus the fact it puts our club in the global eye which commercially is sound. This is afterall a business and not a sport anymore.

  20. Of course yes. Even for the last 20 in every game and the occasional start. Think Teddy and Jurgen and Ginola. Spurs is the place for mega stars. It always works.


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