Poll- What should Spurs do with their new stadium

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Tottenham announced yesterday that their brand new 62,000 seat stadium would not be ready until 2019 (Guardian).

This comes after Pochettino suggested (Guardian) the stadium would be finished this year.

The stadium was originally supposed to open on September 15 against Liverpool, but issues with the fire safety systems caused delays.

Every Spurs fan wants the stadium to be as good as it possibly can be, after all, this is a ground for the next century, not just this season.

While it’s hard to complain about delays, considering the prize we will get come the end of building, it does raise a question.

At what point does it become a write off for this season?

It was supposed to be the start of this season, then September, then this year, now 2019…

Would it not be better to give the players, staff and fans some clarity and just play the season out at Wembley and move in next year.

This would remove that hanging cloud over the club’s head, and let the players concentrate on their football, rather than where they will be playing next week.

Tottenham have made Wembley a formidable home over the past 18 months, and I’m sure they could do great things this season if given some clear information.

I say we write off the stadium until next season and enjoy it properly, but what do you think?

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