POLL: Who will win – Manchester United vs Spurs


Tottenham Hotspur face a tough trip to Old Trafford to Manchester United on Saturday afternoon.

The games are coming thick and fast at the moment and next Tuesday is no different, when we welcome current Champions League holders Inter Milan to White Hart Lane.

What we want to know is, what is your heart telling you about Sunday?  Will Spurs win?

Leave your vote below.

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  1. If we are going to do one over them up north now is the time! Wolves were unlucky last night, and Utd were luck at the weekend. If we get at them and stay solid I can see a nice result here. This is a genuine opportunity to register a win in the red half of Manchester and we need to be up for it from the first to the final whistle! COYS!

  2. we will bottle it yet again !

    that’s my gut feeling

    sorry guy’s

    Think the young guy’s still haven’t learnt that we need to be on our game from when the whistle blows

    we seem to be in la la land for the first 20 mins or so and by then we have a mountain to climb

    you see this picture time and time again

    wish Harry would fix this

    once we get going we can be scary !

    Please I hope we bring our A game with us

  3. anyone who votes against a united win is a dellusional idiot. Why would we win there? We haven’t for 20 years, they are beginning to turn the corner and the very bottom line fact that the dellusional amoungst us cant see, is that they are obviously a better team than us.

    Not a chance in hell will we win. Away games against any of the top 3 should be looked on as bonus games as we never get anything from them. Come on lads im all for supporting the team but get real !!

  4. Reality at the moment is, we ship far too many goals in, and don’t score any where near enough for the chances we create.

    We can wish for a win, hope for a draw, but chances are, we’ll bottle it again for another season.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Same old story, if love and support spurs as I do. you cant help beleiving that their is no consistancy.

    They win when you dont expect them to, but loose the ones they should noit.

  6. If the referee is Webb we will lose.

    Of course we wont deserve to but
    absolute power corrupts absolutely

    He will apologise later on but it wont
    matter nor will it change the result..

    Sometimes you just do it because
    you CAN and what is more:
    , can get away with it.

    Sour grapes? what me? : )

  7. I better question woud be HOW should we play Utd. West Brom went there and got deserved draw (albeit with lucky goals). Man U played 4-4-1-1 (I think) with Hernandez and Berba up top. I think we'll have to play with Crouch up top. Because we need to occupy their defence with his height with the pace threat on either wing with Lennon and Bale. Add VdV's drive and determination and we could stop Evra bombing forward. Most important will be Modric and Hudd in the centre. We need a disciplined Modders this game. We need intelligent and neat play from them. Should we need a bit more tenacity, Sandro can come on. One thing to note is that if Gary Neville (35) is playing, then he should expect a tough match from Bale. Should Man U play Rafael instead, then the lack of experience could be exposed by Bale.

  8. Thanks for asking this question before UTD signed Rooney we could have drawn or won but not now . I have always bean positive when Spurs have played in the 48 years since i was ten when my heart was stolen by a team over 4 hours away from my North West home in Widnes .Till i discovered energy abuse or to use the commentator words and some managers reason for winning shock games Tempo and work rate .Utd promised Rooney money and success and new players. The players he promised are ours either Modric Van and definitely Bale and if he does not get these players Rooney can go and Utd can commanded a fee of 60 million or more this and the 30 strong hate mob who shouted abuse at his house gates persuaded him to sign not Ferguson who is now blaming his Agent . The main reason for saying we wont win are not because we are not good enough but a few alarm bells started ringing firstly it all started when the latest man to run under 10 seconds and up to now he is legal . He said i will make the Utd players run faster and if you look at Rooneys sprint last year to score with Nanai against Arsenal proves to me he fulfilled his promise.and also his new found heading all this has stopped now and his form has dipped alarmingly .This has coincided with target testing of players who have bean picked for testing five times a year any time of the day with blood testing the method . We should know who is getting tested but Ferguson and a few others Sol Campbell Gordan Taylor the FA and UFA. we accepted the watered down version and only 10or 20 top players to be tested. Why mention UTD and Ferguson he his one of the most decorated Manages in the game . Firstly his second in command for six years Queros has just bean sacked for stopping his players from [Portugal national team from being drug tested one of there players got sent Home with a mysterious shoulder injury at the same time has this drug testing argument the player was the flying Nanai Portugol and the well built Ronaldo where lets say rubbish. Ferguson flew to Portugal to defend his ex right hand man and said in his defence he his ati drugs even though both him and fergie where present when Ferdinand also ran away from testers . My question is who told Ferdinad the testers where after him Queros who has form now or Ferguson who objected to Target Testing we can only speculate Ferguson has had two Captains tainted with drug scandals on his watch Stam and Ferdinand and judging by UTD Tempo things are back on track Rooney after his out of the way Holiday and Giggs Scholes the Pea Ferdinand Nasties Neville and the flying Nani are all in high tempo Mode along with fast chewing red nose Ferguson threatening Referees and getting his must get three points for the Blown out Rooney. Overpaid under cooked and possible over tested Rooney. lets hope its all a rumour. This is why i think we will struggle to win or Draw and not because we are not good enough Ferguson and his 60 thousand Transfer Kitty aimed at us proves this. COYS

  9. My blog has bean silenced but i understand why but what i have said his a true rumour UTD have found the Champions sixth gear just for there star player and one time header of goals Rooney. Who has gone away on Holiday just like Rocket Ronnie did to charge his battery and come back on fire .Now the Pea his flying and he has had Owens brain transplanted on his head and scoring for fun meanwhile poor Owen cant play without his brain and his sidelined .Utd have the Mexican Pea we have the Mexican Piss head. . Don't be surprised to see Nastie Neville Giggs and Rooney on the field or Bench. the Star Man will be the mysterious Nani badly damaged in the World Cup running away from some nastie men trying to test them for substances he fell out of the window when his Manager ex second in command at UTD Qeerone shouted quick the testers are here and Nani who was taught by Ferdinand how to run away for 48 hours pushed the point and never went back .But just look at him now he is flying when he could be playing shit and getting loads of wonger of the dons Fergio and Gillioi rest my rant and god help us win please for my and all Spurs fans hearts.COYS 2-.0 TO SPURS

  10. Fukin hell why did you print this rumour there his 30 huddies outside shouting kill therumourman help its only a rumour UTD are a top top top top top Team with oldmen who can run allday nothing wrong with that.


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