Poor refereeing continues to hurt Spurs


In April, I wrote an article headlined ‘Our Champions League place could be scuppered by referees’.

I made the point that in my opinion ALL referee’s should have played the game of football for a minimum of 10 Years (even playing in local leagues) before being allowed to become a referee. In this way, they will get a ‘feel’ for the game, they would understand what tackling is and would also understand what diving and obstruction is. Until we get that in our game, all teams (apart from the so called top 4) will struggle to get into that elite position.

I also said all the referees are poor, and one of the worst is Howard Webb, the referee the FA think is the best in the world. Yes he got the World Cup Final, but what a ‘hash’ he made of it. Players who should have stayed on the park he sent off, others who should have been sent off stayed on the park. He very seldom gives us any 50-50 decisions in fact, hardly gives us a thing even when 100% sure.

So yesterday, Mr. Webb sends off the Man United player when he should have sent off David Luiz – Luiz is one of the biggest ‘cheats’ in our game – leaving Chelsea to win it late on against 10 men.

It would have made such a difference to our Champions League aspirations if the game had finished in a draw or even if Man United had won, but yet again due to a pathetic refereeing performance it has made things very difficult for us. Yes, it still is in our own hands, but we have to go to play Chelsea on Wednesday where we haven’t won since a Gary Lineker goal many years ago, and have had some really bad decisions against us over the years by referees. And not just at Stamford Bridge, look at the Martin Atkinson decision at Wembley a couple of years ago when he gave Chelsea a goal when the ball was two yards this side of the line.

We don’t just have bad referees making bad decisions in our games, we also get bad referee’s making bad decisions and scuppering our chances when they referee our rivals.

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  1. I agree that the sending ff should've been Luiz, but your article makes it seem like Chelsea scored against 10 men and won because of the referee. Chelsea had already gone one up by the time of the red card

    • What an utter prick you are Simon. You are embarrasing if you cant see the wood from the trees if you dont think the Refereeing is poor. Geta life simon and if you cant write anything interesting, dont write anything.

      Cheeky, your piece is good and to the point.

  2. Case and point! We have not had a SINGLE penalty in the league this season!
    I think the reason for that is our lack of complaining, not saying thats a bad thing though. I applaud our style, and the fact that we are usually on the top of the fair play list year after year is comendable.
    However, when you look at Chelsea and United one thing they have in common is constant complaining over every single decision made on the pitch, you know they are going to gang up on the referee for anything, and that seems to have an effect on refereeing. That's sad about the game though, and maybe you are right, there should be laws or criterias for referees.

    On a different note, lets hope we give those russian rubles a right smack in the face, and take back that fourth spot!

  3. But David seconds before chelsea scored a lucky deflected goal Rooney was fouled by Ramires and it wasn’t given so technically it should have been 0-0 still.

    • Wasn't a foul. He cleanly took the ball. Rooney took too long to decide whether to shoot or pass and lost possession.

  4. Fergie’s line up must have had the Chelski team rubbing their hands, thinking we can get a result here. Talk about unprofessional ! This is a man who blathers on about integrity and since winning title has shown none. Lndisfarne in goal, Anderson, Valencia with no confidence & Giggs who lost control/delivery and just moaned to ref/own players. If Utd need a team to take points from City to win title & they played so many squad players he’d blow his bacon face !

  5. I agree with all the comments,yes LUIZ is a cheat.But we can not rely on officials ,arsenal have had some decisions.And they have profited,so we as a team must show we are SPURS

  6. Agreed, Howard Webb is the worst referee in the league. However, this is possibly the most poorly written article I've ever read. From a die hard Spurs fan.

    • Another prick Dan. How can you say it's possible the most poorly written article when you actually agree with it. That just does'nt make sense, but then you are probably a non sensical person. But just like the other prick Simon, neither of you have the intelligence to give any reasons for what you say.

  7. One of the qualities that policemen and referees have in common is absolute power.
    The expressing of absolute power has to be endured to be appreciated.
    I am not accusing Webb of bribery, but I am accusing him of giving results away to other team just because he can. That is the true hallmark of absolute power: the ability to do something just because you have the power top do so and to get away with it.. The official camera shots of the famous Carrick penalty at OT showed that there ws no way that Webb could have seen what occurred but he did it because he could.

  8. I agree totally with Cheeky on this article, and also Will make a very good point. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  9. Yes, another top article from probably the most gifted and honest writer on the web. Never slow in coming forward and saying it as it is, and fortunately not concerned with the amount of arseholes on here who are just obscene and rude. Referees are ruining our game, have been for years. One rule and decisions for the so called top clubs, another rule and decisions for the rest.

    Keep up the great work Cheeky, we would be totally lost without you.


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