Our Champions League Place could be scuppered by referees


Our victory over Man City was a very hard fought victory, especially when we were once again playing against 12 men (11 City players plus 1 Referee).

Once again we had a totally inept performance from the so called top premiership referees, this time Lee Mason, and my big worry is that these ‘little jobsworths’ could scupper our chances of a Champions League spot – if we ourselves are good enough to do it.

As those of you who read my blogs on a regular basis, it is not the first time i have had a ‘Rant’ at referee’s and i doubt it will be the last. This time around, Samir Nasri should have been SENT OFF for his diabolical challenge on Walker, let alone the other 6 or 7 fouls he committed, yet he did not even receive a yellow card in the whole game. Lee Mason didn’t give us a thing all game which led of course to all the ironic cheers when we did get a free kick along with a 30,000 rendition of ‘Can We Have A Referee’.

I will make the point again that Referee’s are so awful, not solely their fault but the system, because they have never played the game themselves. They have absolutely no idea of whether a player is fouling deliberately or if it’s an accidental challenge (which would then not be a foul). And of course as we know to our cost, there is one rule for the so called top clubs and one for the rest. It is not just Lee Mason, but EVERY single referee in the premiership. Even ex crap referee Graeme Poll said on the radio the other week that the Referees generally will not give decisions too early against the so called top clubs because of retribution.

My argument, is that ALL referee’s should have played the game of Football for a minimum of 10 Years (even playing in local leagues) before being allowed to become a referee. In this way, they will get a ‘feel’ for the game, they would understand what tackling was, and would also understand what diving and obstruction is. Until we get that in our game, all teams (apart from the so called top 4) will struggle to get into that elite position.

We (Tottenham) generally get rough decisions against us – lets face it, we haven’t had a ‘penalty’ in the league all season, and haven’t had a penalty at WHL for 2 years. Just look at how many penalties Man U, the Scum and Chelsea have had over that time.

The time has come for the F.A. (yes the F*****g A******s) to sort the refereeing out in this country so that All teams play on a level playing field. As for this season as I said before, i really feel our chances of making the Top 4 could be scuppered by the inept and pathetic performances of referee’s.

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  1. I totally agree Cheeky, you have never said a truer word. I thought Lee Mason was awful but as you say they are all bad. It's also a great point you make about refs playing for 10 years to get to know what the game of football is all about. And yes when you see all the decisions arsenal and chelsea have had go their way over the last few weeks it does make you wonder if there is a conspiricy against us by refs.

  2. Great piece and vey true. Good to have someone who speak their minds and says it as it is. The referee's are tottally shit and definitely Biased to certain teams, unfortunately we are not one of them.

  3. It is so refreshing to read this as I genuinely started to believe I am becoming paranoid. Look at some of the decisions going the way of the scum when they need it most. No other top 4 team would get the bad decisions we do, especially plaing at home! 100% with you on this post – about time referees treated us with some respect.

  4. Absolutely right. How did that shitbag nasri not get a red card. The answer is simple. As cheeky says, there is one rule for them and one for the rest of us. It really is a worry if it continues, as it will, that we get the bad decisions against us. So we have to play against 12 every week and if we do make the champions league it will certainly be done the hard way. come on you Spurs.

  5. Im in total agreement. Where do the FA get these refereeing arseoles from. Inept and incompetent, biased and unworthy to be on a football field. Yes they all need reassessing and what a great idea about having them learn the game from the playing side in the first place. A top class article.

  6. YOU DON'T HAVE A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPACE.Presumptuous spuds. Watch in horror as you choke again. As is your custom.

    There's only one team in North London. Up The Arse!

  7. xkape.
    But you are right, There is only one team in north London, It's not the WANK*RS from Woolwich.

  8. If the FA stopped the referees giving the big clubs the 50/50 decisions, and the 70/30 decisions, and assuming that top teams will never deserve a sending off and should always get a penalty, then the Premier League would be infinitely more exciting. Where is the money to be made from ensuring the big clubs are always the big clubs and, when the chips are down, the clubs doing more with less don't deserve a fair referee.

  9. Calm down – any talk of conspiracy is just sloppy thinking and poor online journalism. Yes referees make bad decisions but do you REALLY believe they sit together in some darkened drinking club and plot how to make our life difficult. Really??? We won today with moments of quality in an otherwise average performance. We lost to Fulham, drew with WBA and Norwich etc. All because of referees……

  10. Calm down – any talk of conspiracy is just sloppy thinking and poor online journalism. Yes referees make bad decisions but do you REALLY believe they sit together in some darkened drinking club and plot how to make our life difficult. Really??? We won today with moments of quality in an otherwise average performance.

  11. Absolutely ridiculous!

    If refs were forced to play for 10 years, they’d be well past retirement age by the time they were qualified enough to officiate at the top level.

    Get over yourself. You say refs don’t get it right because they’ve never played – and yet you think you can do better without having refereed! Double standards or what?

    • Beryl, if you are going to say things please get your FACTS right. If not, it's better you say nothing at all and stop yourself looking stupid. Firstly, if they played for 10 years from teh age of 16 they would still only be 26 by the time they start refereeing. So a pretty stupid comment to say they would be past retirement age. Secondly, you dont know me (fortunately) and i'd like to tell you i trained with Spurs back in the early 70's, played for different clubs for some 40 years, and also did quite a bit of refereeing. So please dont make accusations you cannot substantiate. I would suggest you keep your opinions to yourself in future unless 'factual'.

      By CheekyCockney

  12. We still get the idots on this site that cant tell their arse(nal) from their elbow. prats like xkape, and to the prick Markie, who mentioned darkened rooms and drinking clubs. As Cheeky said, even Graeme Poll an ex ref (obviously Markie has never heard of him) said there was biased towards the top clubs. So it is'nt poor online journalism you fucking idiot Markie, it's simply fact – even from an ex ref. I reckon you are a Liverpool supporter anyway Markie, so Calm Down, Calm Down.

  13. I'd like to give my support to Cheeky and the others on here who obviously realise there is a major problem with the refereeing in this country and the FA who cow down to the top clubs year in and year out. The points made that refs are biased are true, its a great point that refs should play the game to get to know how its really played, and i agree that the refs could cause us more problems before the end of the season. We should be more abusive to refs – as they are at Annfield and the Emirates – where they get away with murder.

  14. Yes Nasri should have been sent off but so should BAE with his off the floor two footed challenge. You haven’t mentioned any other incidents; i can’t remember any, while i do recall the ref attempting to allow us to play advantage on a number of occasions.

    Others might get favourable decisions, but i saw nothing in this game to warrant this rant.

  15. Graeme Souness made the point that when Nasri fouled Walker, the Spurs bench was unmoved. It's the Spurs way – not enough pressure put on officials when decisions go against us – we just seem to accept it in a sporting manner. You wouldn't get that at OT – SAF would be running up and down the steps to berate the referee and his assistants before having a not too quiet word with them at the interval.

    • You make a very valid point HQ. We are too sporting at times, no way would Wenger, Ferguson or many of the others just sit there and say nothing. But it comes back to refs again as Cheeky points out, i am sure if any of our bench had made an issue of the Nasri foul they would have been sent to the stands.

  16. Poor refs…some of them are really awful and this guy was one of them. From the dtart whistle till the end he gave the impression that he had som old score to settle wih TH.

  17. Well said Cheeky. The refs are poor and you have quite a bit of support on here. Some replies are pretty silly, but the majority are backing you all the way.


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