Some post-match thoughts on Spurs 3-1 Fulham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Fulham had it all to play for today as the relegation battle reaches its final stages, on thirty points and in the drop zone the pressure was well and truly on. Tottenham on the other hand to an extent have little to play for, as the Champions League hope has long diminished and we seem destined for 6th place finish (and another season of Thursday night drama). It was a concern that with their ambition to win, Tottenham could be pushed to the wayside – but it was a different story altogether at the Lane.

The first thirty minutes I’m sure didn’t fill many fans with hope; no real chances and the team looking reasonably lacklustre and dispassionate. In the stands the fans seemed to almost mimic this mentality as a steely silence filled the air at White Hart Lane, a sense of almost just going through the motions. Thirty five minutes in, Eriksen powered in a free kick from the right, tapped in by Paulinho and the game suddenly took on a new atmosphere entirely, perhaps lifted by the surge in excitement from the fans.

Tottenham however never like to make things easy, and sure enough conceded one minute after the opening goal – but the team has a sudden motivation that was perhaps missing at kick off. After a particularly quiet first half, Kane headed in a Lennon cross and the team powered on. Looking more like the traditional Spurs playing style, in the second half Tottenham adopted a more fast and attacking style of play which lead to Kaboul rounding off the scoreline to 3-1. The midfield were dominant today – Eriksen’s efforts, particularly in dead ball situations making all the difference and making us a real threat from corners and free kicks, something we haven’t looked accomplished at since the departure of Bale.

Credit must also go to Lloris who made two outstanding saves and saved a penalty which sent the fans into rapture. Today seemed a well rounded team effort, even from our below par strength defence who rallied well against the few Fulham chances that were created.

Although Spurs have little to play for in terms of league position, perhaps I underestimated the passion the players do have. A new team bound together with a desire to win, if for nothing else but for the sake of pride. Today gave me hope for next season that, if given a chance, these players could really make for an exciting and successful season – after all, To Dare Is To Do.

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  1. I agree with the analysis wholeheartedly, today was a real TEAM effort we can be proud of. Eriksen is proving himself a true asset, Lloris was brilliant today. Hope we can push on next season

  2. Good reason for encouragement today.I think if we can keep what we've got and add a left back,a forward and then a decent manager to sort it out things could look bright!!

  3. Lets not be deluded by our fortuitous win over the gallant Cottagers, Spurs lack pace and creativity in midfield but well done Lloris, Ericksen and Kane.How many more false dawns are we going to witness. Sufficient to say the next Manager has a huge task on his hands to land that elusive title seemingly deservedly heading to Anfield.

  4. Sorry to put a downer on it but we are miles away from challenging. Defensively we are all over the place. We need two new CB's plus a new LB; Dawson is past it, Chiriches is not 1st 11 calibre and Rose lacks tactical awareness. We also need a powerhouse in the middle ie someone like Matic (Paulinho and Chadli?….do me a favour). We should flog the pair of them and go hell for leather to buy Lallana (better than both combined). We then need another CF (Lukaku). The only shining light has been Eriksen, Lamela may still come good but the other buys are simply not top 4 quality. Out with Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado, Capoue, Dawson. In with Lukaku, Mirallas, Lallana, Reid, Fonte, Schneiderlin & Ashley (yes that's Ashley) Cole. All realistic,all PL proven and all will improve the squad. Next season starting 11 could be Loris, Cole, Vertongen, Reid, Walker, Schneiderlin, Dembele, Eriksen, Mirallas, Lallana & Lukaku. Even Sherwood could win trophies with that squad!!!

    • Absolute nonsense. After the amount of players bought last summer you think spurs should go and buy another 7 this summer.

      • Totally appreciate the numbers but the team is broken. The defense wobbles like a blancmange every game and we lack pace and guile in bucket loads. These lads had have over 50 matches this season to settle in and the plain truth is, most of them ain't good enough. If you think all it takes is a half smart coach and some pixie dust to get us challenging again you are deluded. We boasted VDV, Modric and Bale a couple of seasons ago. Eriksen aside this team is no where near the side Harry had at his disposal. It may be deeper but it's not better!! Period.

  5. One win and everyone's going on about how awesome we are, again…. Wake up!!. First half hour we looked like a middle of the road team again. No penetration, no rhythm no nothing, and remember last week when that happened we were already 3-0 down. We need to start playing for 90 minutes and not just an hour. Only 2 players stood out today and that's Eriksen and Lloris. Without them we would have probably lost for sure. The other 9 had another average game, with probably the exception of Kane and Lennon who had above average games. I just hope that whoever is our manager next season they will get rid of the dead wood in our team and actually bring in great "Premiership" players, and actually know what each players best positions are.

    • At the end of the day we've had a poor season and we're still 6th we would have dreamed of that not too long ago when we were in mid table every season. Makes me laugh these plastic fans like you who obviously can't remember before we had champions league. We played well, how can you write off next season because of what happened the start of this???? Get a grip

      • I've been a Spurs fan for 37 years and been going to The Lane for 31 years so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. Sorry if I sound all negative, I think it was just all the expectation of a great season after what we spent in the summer only to be hugely disappointed again.

  6. I agree, I think with the group of players we have and a little bit of passion whose to say next season we won't be pushing for champions league? The match yesterday was a well rounded effort like said from a below par strength wise spurs team as mentiond. I've supported spurs for 30 years and it's always the same ; people moaning, saying we're crap and not appreciating how good we are and the promise that is there for next season. People seem to forget how poor we were only 10 years ago! Brilliant article

  7. A huge part of really supporting a team is being optimistic, yesterday gave me hope too. Agree defence is v below par but this team might develop over summer and with passion shown today could do really well

  8. I've been supporting Spurs for 45 years and I can honestly say Rose & Naughton are the worst fullbacks I can remember. You are only as good as the weakest player and currently we have 2 very poor ones playing. Maybe they will improve but we'll get nowhere near top 4 with them in the side.


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