Premier League issue statement on Heung Min Son’s red card


The Premier League have issued a statement on Heung Min Son and why he was shown a straight red in the game against Everton today.

The red card came after the South Korean made a challenge that led to Everton player, Andre Gomes, sustaining a nasty leg injury.

Son appeared to make a challenge from behind to bring the midfielder down, which led to Gomes’ leg jarring into the pitch, before he then collided with Serge Aurier.

Although the TV cameras would not replay the events, which hinted at the severity of the injury, the players’ reactions told the story, as many couldn’t bring themselves to even watch.

Medical staff were quickly on the scene and Gomes was eventually stretchered off and taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The PremierLeague have now stated that the red was given to Son for endangering the safety of Gomes, as a consequence of the original challenge.

They also revealed that VAR was not used in the decision.

The statement read (Mirror): “The red card for Son was for endangering the safety of a player which happened as a consequence of his initial challenge.”

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  1. What a stupid response by the Premier League!
    Of course what happened to Gomes was horrible, but where do you draw a line on
    a poor, a reckless, a cynical, or just an ill-timed challenge. The challenge was a poor one, yes, but it was NOT
    a dangerous tackle. It was not the sort of shin or leg breaker tackles that warrant sending-offs,
    whether injury results or not. Son was wrong to launch that tackle, but the result of it was purely accidental
    and could have happened anywhere on the pitch, in any game, at any time.
    It was barely a yellow card, and certainly not a RED!
    The PL need to rethink and overturn this, and quickly, otherwise they’re creating a dangerous precedent for football and the future or tackling, which is an integral and necessary part of the game (just as heading is ..another endangered part of the game)! What the heck is going on with our game?? VAR is proving a total joke, and this match was just one awful spectacle of stop-start-stop-start between two poor teams. Spurs were gutless today, and Poch did nothing to change it. Once again, we tried to protect a one goal lead (when there is still too much time left) instead of going hard for the 2nd goal (man down or not)! We’ve failed too many times when doing just that, where we play too much, backwards, in our own half, inviting the growing momentum of the opposition, instead of driving forward ourselves, and Poch has to take the blame. Horrible for Gomes, but a horrible spectacle for 103 minutes!! For the first time in five years I’m finding watching Spurs beyond frustrating, and almost unbearable, at the moment (and please …NEVER let that man Eriksen play for us again)!!

    • Agrea with you if his leg “jarred” ito the ground it could of been his own movement that coursed this to happen. Don’t think it was Son fault although the tackle may had don’t help the situation. As you say where is th eline drawn, next they will say you can’t tackle a player who has the ball. This is why we no longer go to matches it is getting silly as to what players can and can’t do. As for VAR, well think it need a full over haul.

  2. Good evening football world and FA.
    In all due respects and comfort to Mr. Gomez. Hope for a speedy recovery.
    My comments on this incident are of an opinion only as the FA has done to support the ref’s decision, not to undermine the officials. I found the RED card vs Yellow for Son a very disturbing discipline. Yes! Son should have been given a yellow card caution not red.
    Son’s challenge was not an intended or of violent conduct. In fact, the ref was undecided on what to do. It seemed he was waiting to see the extent of the injury before making a decision. Wrong! It seemed as though if the injury had been less, he would have been given a lesser discipline?! I believe the ref made a decision first with the yellow. However, I believe his final decision (with all due respect) was based on sympathy for Mr. Gomez, we all feel for him! Get well soon, Son did not have any bad intentions. The ref should have seen that it was not a violent tackle! The outcome became unexpected and decisions should not be made on that premise. Eriiksen lost or gave up almost every ball he touched. Totally out off it?!


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