Presenter breaks down why Tottenham are not a big club

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Another week, another segment of TalkSport’s Adrian Durham and his unwavering dislike for Tottenham Hotspur.

This week Durham graced us with his eloquent argument on why Tottenham are not a big club.

Despite finishing in the top three in the past three seasons, with some impressive Champions League scalps along the way, Spurs haven’t apparently not yet received big club status.

This is also during a time where other apparent ‘big clubs’ like Chelsea and Arsenal have been wobbling, not consistently finishing in the top four or impressing in the Premier League.

Durham said: “I accept that it’s not all about winning trophies. I get that.

“Being a ‘big club’ is not all about that. It may be part of the debate but there are other factors that come into it. The amount of fans, global presence, the stadium, history, traditions of football club. All of those things can come into it.

“But when you have not win a title for 58 years, no FA Cup for 28 years – and Spurs were meant to be the cup side.

“They have never ever been the champions of Europe in the sense they have never won the old European Cup or the Champions League.

“I find it very difficult, no matter how big this new stadium is going to be, I find it very difficult to put Spurs in that bracket of a ‘big club’.

“You’re putting a lot of unsuccessful teams in that ‘big club’ bracket if you’re including Spurs in there.

“Now what I will say about Spurs is this: They’ve had some amazing players: Klinsmann, Hoddle, Ardilles, Gazza, Lineker, Greaves, Bale, Pat Jennings, Modric.

“There have been some great players down the years, they have had big players, but they are not a ‘big club’.

“I still don’t think they have that ‘big club’ mentality.

“Is there a club that goes a whole transfer window – having not won anything the season before – not improving their squad?

“No. Surely not.”

What defines a big club? An elongated period of success?

Over the past five years, Tottenham have worked their way up from relatively little, to one of the best and most consistent squads in the league, all without spending any considerable money.

They have finished well above other big clubs for a number of years, and impressed on the European stage with wins against the likes of Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

Their players are some of the most expensive in the world, with some valuations putting Kane, Alli and Davinson Sanchez all in the top 20 by worth.

Tottenham’s revenue is also rated among the very top of European clubs.

They have a brand new £800m stadium on the way, the best training facilities in the league and one of the best managers in the world.

Will a Carabao Cup make Spurs a big club? An FA Cup? How is it measured?

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  1. I would like to ask Adrian Durham how many other English clubs could fill Wembley consistently for premier league games? Many of the other clubs could not even fill there allocation for a cup final!

    He is on one of his wind ups! Switch him off and don’t listen to his rubbish!

  2. Perhaps being a big club starts when you have won the double a couple of times, the first British club to win a European cup, f a cups, League cups..Spurs started being a big club decades ago.
    The Premiership has been won by money alone barring a few interruptions , what does that prove…and now we hav Etherington most expensive and bets stadium in the world…not big …do me a favour.


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