Rating Tottenham Hotspur’s transfers for the 2012/13 season


A total of eight players came to make White Hart Lane their home during the 2012/13 season, with varying levels of success. Some of these players have become important first-team members, some have become bit-part players, and there were those who didn’t seem fit to wear a Spurs shirt. But how well did each player actually do?


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LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 06: Heung-Min Son of Tottenham Hotspur shoots during the UEFA Champions League group H match between Tottenham Hotspur and APOEL Nicosia at Wembley Stadium on December 6, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

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  1. Got to laugh, Zeki Fryers gets 4/10 and Ade 2/10?? Absolute Muppet, At least Ade played for the 1st team, looks like Zeki is getting moved on I reckon. I agree Ade is a lazy player but is still a very good player and if he is to stay, he could still do a good job for us. It is the WC year next so he will want to impress.

    • We paid Ade over 1 million for each goal he scored last year. I agree that it is a question of effort and not talent, so if he is to stay he should sign a new deal where he is paid much less. If he isn't willing to sign a new deal you have to get that ridiculous salary off the books

  2. I would like Ade to stay, when motivated he can be brilliant but it is a question of who can motivate him. Even though I like Holtby and think he could be a very important player for us this next season, I think it is completely wrong to give him an 8 where he barely impacted last season. Considering you are saying he did as well as Lloris is also quite wrong, Holtby should get a 6 max.

  3. Your mad – Siggy, Dempsey and Holb all dog average players, 6 out of 10 max.
    Vert is a part of a back four that leaks goals and you give him 9! If the players were that good top clubs all over Europe would be after them.

    Ade was poor last season but surely better than someone who didnt even play for the teaM!

  4. Got to agree with most of the posters here — If Holtby, Dempsey (and Dembele) were so good why are we looking for a creative attacking midfielder? So sad about Adebayor — Where's his head at? With so much time wasted at the beginning of his term, so much time on Togo duty (on holiday) and time out of form he had to know he was going to have a stinkin' season but didn't pull finger till far too late to get his figures up to reasonable.

  5. Spot on with the score for Adebayor he's truly awful and will only get worse if he stays, really hope the club can move him on.

    Scores for Holtby and Dempsey are far to high, Holtby 5 and Dempsey 6 would be far more realistic

  6. I thinkAVB has had a very good season. It is not his fault that his chairman let him down very badly in the transfer market.the manager can only work with what he has got. To finish on record points and not get the players he wanted is really fantastic.
    It rather looks like mr Levy is playing the same mistakes again.
    What i cant understand is why buy a midfielder and we need a striker.if you are chelsea man utd or city with loads of money ok but we have a limited budget thats ok but unless there something i missed i dont get it.cant help thinking all these players that wrere coming funny how it was time to renew our season tickets.
    Mr levey you make me pay the most expensive season ticket in the country no new ground yet and where is my striker its no good him coming in sept we need him now remember last year for the first few games we did not have a proper team and look what happend we missed out by one point by by mr levy why dont you and your father in law do the decent thing

  7. Was at the Colchester game and Ade was terrible – worst than most of their team. Crowd were almost praying for him to get the ball.


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