Reaction to Tottenham stadium announcement

Image: SpursWeb

Reports emerged last night that Spurs have extended their Wembley stay until December 15, amid fears that stadium building delays will continue.

The original opening date for their brand new 62,000 seat stadium was September 15, against Liverpool, but issues with the fire safety systems delayed this grand opening.

Daniel Levy remains hopeful that the club will be playing at their new ground before December, but nothing is set in stone.

Fans are still confused as to when their new stadium will actually be ready, and some are calling for more honesty and clarity within the club.

The FA and Premier League Board may yet force Tottenham to play out the entire season at Wembley, worried that a lack of clarify will cause disruption to the fixture list.

We take a look at some reaction to the latest stadium news.

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  1. From the comments above:

    “Only way I’ll forgive Daniel Levy is if he spends 250 million in the summer on De Ligt, Grimaldo, Rabiot, Thiago and Zaha and extends Toby, Jan, Eriksen and Dele.”

    I wonder what makes the writer believe that even if Lewis and Levy were to leave (not happening) that any replacements would be any better? Maybe if Mike Ashley leaves Newcastle…we could get him? LOL

  2. All the idiots having a go at Spurs ,are basically fools,could their club ,clear out a stadium ,demolish said stadium ,build a brand new one in 15months are deluded,the only mistake is Spurs thinking that it could be done in that ,the board should hold their head in shame,to think it could happen, they should have given ,January 2019 as earliest time ,,that allowing for delays which on such a project will happen ,most clubs have to fund it them selves and not get it not the cheap such as and the whu


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