Are we reading too much into Defoe’s Tweet?


Jermain Defoe

Maybe we’re reading too much into Jermain Defoe’s latest tweet on Twitter…

IAmJermainDefoe: Another day with new opportunities. God always has a plan. JD

Could the plan mean that Defoe is on his way out of White Hart Lane?  He has been linked with the likes of Sunderland and Aston Villa in the past few weeks – or is Defoe on about something else?


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  1. basically jermaine knows were a sinking ship with harry as captain.1 striker up front.about to reinstate gomes the clown.this guy is going to ruin our club.the strikers are good.its just when playing on there lonesome upfront obviously is not there strongpoint.everyone knows its the formation,not the players.our men like j.d krankjaer.did well only to be rewarded with a place on the bench.wheres the motivation going to come from?harrys there to promote tottenham as a financial invesyment to sell to the russians.not to lead us to glory.its why he made sure we played gomes.guaranteed to mess up.they dont want english football dominating ahain.because if english teams win it the investment isnt going to be uefa mske sure its not all english finals by fixing games.

    • TBH i really doubt whether youy have ever seen the inneffectual muppett that is Jermain Defoe play for Spurs. I have wasted countless pounds over the years watching the little show pony trade his offside arse all over the pitch to little effect and can categorically say that the only worse striker i have seen in recent years is the product of a grow bag , namely Peter Crouch. Both these players are woefully inadequate as their scoring records show. The little one who should be quick and agile doesn't understand how to time a run while the big beanpole has no muscles in his entire frame and looks like something that fell out of a nest. Get real and face up to the fact that if you don't score you don't win and we will win f.a. with then muppett show broadcast live every saturday afternoon. Break the bank Levy or tell us the truth-we are a kid's entertainment programme. No prizes for guessing who stars as big bird!

    • Harry there to promote Spurs as a financial investment for the Russians (wonder what the taxman woiuld think of that?), playing Gomes cos he's gaurenteed to mess up and stop English clubs dominating (except the worldies he pulls off on a weekly basis, bet Harry was pi**ed about those), and Kevin Bond was the man on the grassy knowle. Time to stop reading the conspiracy books leave the computer for a nano second, go outside and get some sunshine and remember what it its like in the real world Neo!!!

  2. One of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. How you can criticise a manager who got us into 4th place and the quarter finals of the Champions League. Its not Harry that is holding us back, its the size of the current stadium, which leads to a lower wage structure at the club. It is a real issue. If we could splash out £150k a week on a striker we definitely would have done.

    • Drop Modric – might do him some good. Kranjcar scored 2 goals in the league last season – only one less than Modric and Niko only made a handful of appearances against Modric's 30-odd games. Add to that only 2 assists and it makes me think that in our home games in particular, where we've struggled to break teams down on a regular basis… Modric could be on the bench if needed, and Kranjcar could provide more of a cutting edge, but at WHL where they don't seem to concede many. Niko needs some games, and Modric needs bringing down a few pegs.

      • assists are credited to the player who plays the final pass for another to score.for instance a modric pass into space for bale to run onto and cross for defoe to slide in will go down as a bale though the vision of the initial pass goes unnoticed by statiticians,but people who watch football see it.

  3. don't care if he has a tweet- he would only be upset bcos he's no longer Arry's cup of tea; his favourite son has shown himself to be too lightweight for a budding top 4 team. Get shot of him with Crouch, Keane & possibly leave Pav- although I don't mind if we take a risk and clear them all out!

  4. Rik – you should read the URL more closely. This is a forum for Spurs fans. Run off the Arseweb or Analgoal or whatever your odious little club calls its fans sites.

  5. Rik ur a lemon mate you clearly know nuffing about football Arrys the best thing that has happen @ Spurs for yrs we just had best 2 season and great run in CL u dougnut i bet ur Gooner or you been watching with ur head stuck up ur ass

  6. feeling sick that JD might consider a move, he never got a chance last season.

    Harry brought in VDV and completely wrecked the formation that got us to Champs league the previous season.

    we should stick with the attack that actually worked !,… Bale, Defoe, Pav, Lennon. the ‘man in the hole’ wrecked the end of last season, and made our strikers look bad.

    • shady, the man in the hole as you put it got us VDV 15 goals witch is more than i can say about our pitiful excuse for strikers who cant hit the backside of a cow with a bloody banjo.

  7. Yes you are reading too much into it. Defoe is a religious man, that’s just a good morning universe quote. But as we have absolutely nothing else to talk about on the transfer front, why not pretend something is about to happen. It must have been a load of tosh last Xmas when we were told that Levy had tabled bids for the likes of Rossi and Aguero; so far we have bought an oap and a kid. Sme old story with the Whites; Audere Est Facere – means “There’s always Next Season.”


    • Hate to burst your bubble mate, but there's a big difference between 2 clubs enhancing their fans' opinions of them and genuinely trying to buy a player.We never, nor could we have ever dreamt of tried to buy Aguerro. We could never have even come close to matching his current wages, let alone have offered enough to entice him to come to us. It suited Athletico and Spurs down to the ground to concoct some cock and bulll story about an offer, but I'm afraid it never happened. Levy will not spend £40m on 1 player ever and secondly, even were he to break character and do so, why would he buy a player he has to pay at least between 2 and 3 times what our current top earner makes? Whole thing was pure hype for the fans to dream the end of the window away and nothing more. And Rossi? Can't imagine any serious bid would ever have gone in for him either. More to the point, had it done so, where is he? Villareal would not be able to decline a bi money offer.

  8. Stevie wonder could tell you the problem is VDV, he is a fantastic player but it does unbalance us, if Harry has promised him a starting place then its either him or Lennon, because both do not work.

    The other option is to play 4-3-3 with 2 sitting mid fielders, but one would have to be Modric to link attack.

    One things for sure, Im looking forward to seeing Walker and Lennon down the right hand side, it must be the quickest pairing in world football.

    Harry is to much of a media darling for a lot of us Spurs fans but he is a decent coach, everyone is moaning about lack of activity but who is better than what we have in our wage bracket?

    Harry has had to wheel and deal as they say because he always had to to get by, now he has a decent squad in his hands that just needs tinkering so no need for major wheeling and dealing.

  9. Rik, mate…

    Number one, you can’t even construct a sentence. Number two, do you even watch Spurs? Number three, Krancjar will simply not get in the team, who will you drop to accommodate him? Bale? Lennon? Modric? Sandro?

    Wake up? I am not Harry’s biggest fan either but the results are good. We are returning exactly the results we deserve and if anything by finishing above Liverpool we are over-achieving. On money, fan-base, players and stadium, we are clearly sixth.

    Note I do think we have merginally a better squad than Liverpool and Arsenal (if departures happen as planned). That said we cannot compete with City. Our best chance this season is to keep what we have and gel a good team spirit. Arsenal are weak and maybe just maybe we can pip them and Liverpool to fourth.


  10. Friend of a friend who works for the goonies said Defoe was at arseburton hole two weeks ago. Possibly for talks over a move. If not, why was he there? I believe my mate.

  11. this shit we always see here about arry being a wanker makes me laugh. He took us to San Siro won at Milan and nearly done Inter there, if hes a wanker tell me someone we could get that could be better? Defoe cost us a Champions place this year with his piss poor goal rate. Fuck him hes not there anymore, he'd be a good striker for lets say Villa but not us. A player like Defoe should play continuosly though as he needs that kind of concentration.Where Arry fucks up is that he changes the team too much and his comments on the Europa Cup, he says its crap but we wont win it so we're more crap


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