Real Madrid revealed as Bale bidders


Gareth Bale

Real Madrid have been revealed as Gareth Bale’s mystery suitors according to the Sunday Mirror.

Wales boss John Toshack had claimed over the weekend that a sizeable offer had been tabled for the left-sided player, but refused to name the club involved.

But it appears that the Spanish giants were responsible for the attempted transfer, which was rejected out of hand by Tottenham.

However, it seems Jose Mourinho is planning to come back in January with a larger bid for Bale, who has gone from the brink of a Championship loan deal to becoming one of the most important players for Tottenham in eight months.

Daniel Levy has become insistent that Spurs are not happy selling on their best players to the top clubs, and is determined to change that ‘feeder club’ mentality.

So a bid for Bale may not be welcomed again, with the Welshman tied down to Spurs for another four years.

It is good to see Levy take this stand, having seen our better players poached by higher ranked sides in the past and Bale will be key to any success Spurs have in the future.

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  1. What worries me is that it’s not always the club that decides whether or not the player leaves. Player power and loyalty are diametrically opposite. They seem to have all the power and zero loyalty. Let’s hope bale can see his future at spurs. Maybe VdV can tell him a few horror stories about real in the mean time.

  2. Obviously getting VdV at a knock-down price means behind the scenes Levy's given Real first option if we drop out of the CL and PL running early. Don't be surprised if under those conditions we cash in for $35m or so in Jan, certainly next summer.

  3. I think Bale will be well advised to stay where he is. He has to remember it took him a long time to get going with Spurs, but the important thing is he was given a chance to show his potential.

    If he gets the wabbles at a club like Real, he will find himself sliding down the ladder very quickly. It's hard to believe we were almost letting him go for a almost nothing not too long ago. Stay where you are lad, you will not regret it. COYS !!!!!

  4. The Spanish league his a poor second to the premiership and i can only watch it for about twenty mins and i after switch over the atmosphere his rubbish the fans look miles away from the pitch and detached . Even Ronaldo looks lost and less exciting . Bale should look at the wasted carrears Like Drenthe Snieder Owen Robynn its season his based on beating Barcelona to the title and ruining players carrears.

  5. G Bale is easily a 50 mill plus player……..but if clubs think they will prise him away from THFC with DL at the helm, they have got another thing comming. come back with a bid of 100 mill and DL MIGHT just consider it. for now DL wants champions league succes, so i cant see him letting top end players going regardless of the insane fees that will be chucked at him.

  6. bale is such a quality player i don't blame real madrid going after him but hopefully he will stay and get more experience then real madrid can go after him but i would want 40mil plus ronaldo

  7. This is how the story should read.

    After Tochack mentioned an alleged offer from a big club for Bale, Mirror journalists used a tombola to randomly select the name of the club that made to offer. The result of this draw was Real Madrid.

    After the intensive research conducted to find the club making the offer, the Mirror can also EXCLUSIVLY guess that Madrid will come back in January to make a derisory offer for bale.

    Harry Redknapp said “Its all complete BS. If you ever believe what the gutter press say you must be mad!”

  8. football at the end of the day is down to money…..plc is run as a biz and if they offered big money plus players they will look at the offer…plus how long are we going to be able to keep a player like bale…..unless we see top 4 football year in year out we wont be able to keep players like bale…….. hate to say it but player want cl football

  9. The one club he would only leave Spurs for his Man Utd to follow his idol Giggs . But at the Moment he his following in the foot steps of two other Welsh legends at Spurs Sir Mike England and Sir Cliff Jones.


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