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Real Madrid have revealed that there has been ‘no firm offer’ from Tottenham Hotspur for Klaas Jan Huntelaar.

The Dutch striker turned down a £16.5million move to German outfit Stuttgart, with Arsenal also said to be monitoring the situation.

Harry Redknapp has already expressed his interest in Hunterlaar, who wants in the region of £60,000 a week.

Real Madrid director general Jorge Valdano said: “There is no firm offer. We had a great opportunity, but the player decided to let it pass. There is a long way to go until the end of August and we hope to find another European club that is interested.

“He (Huntelaar) will occupy a secondary role in the squad because he has not had the same preparation as his team-mates and he already knows what the club’s intentions are.”

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  1. i don’t normally get involved in things like but this time i cant help myself pleas pleas get him could be the missing link

  2. Getting sick & tired of this story now. You know it’s Levy as he’s known to drag it out longer than needs be.
    I think Harry just wants him and then it’s out of his hands.
    To hear after all the time that’s passed that we haven’t even bid is ludicrous to me.
    I think the only chance we have of getting him is to act swiftly now whilst things are unclear. If he doesn’t want to come then we move on, if he does then great he can be in the shirt by the weekend. Otherwise wew are just waiting for someone bigger to come in and blow us away with wages/Europe.
    I also think the whole thing is baffling anyway. Why does nobody really seem to want him?

  3. Is it my imagination or did it sound like HR was having a dig at Levy with regard to the crouch price tag and what our chairmans opinion is of crouch?( newsnow spurs, The Daily Mail – Tottenham 15:32) I think HR expects Levy to just get out the cheque book no matter how sh#te the player is. Also, HR quotes about JJ will hardly inspire JJ,(newsnow spurs, vital football Tottenham hotspur, 17:52) another little swipe by HR, are the cracks are beginning to appear? Did he only just realise about our centre halfs injuries today? I say this slightly with my tongue in my cheek, but, could a certain man who’s middle name is Jeramiah could soon be reunited with HR? Harry would if he could.

  4. the defense situation is causing me some serious nausea! we have to have this issue sorted sooner than later! it’s great and all to think about huntelaar or any other striker, but it makes more sense to me to keep the strikers we have now and focus on building a solid and reliable defense. better to score 1 or 2 goals and not concede any! i don’t want to end up like man city last season: scoring 4, conceding 3!


  5. SIGN THE HUNT AND MAKE US HAPPY YIDS.. I think spurs want to sell bent 1st before puttin in a firm bid, last summer levy done himself no good and this summer is beginning to roll the same way, i for 1 am losing patience! Harry aint no mug in the transfer market but needs full backing

  6. Fantasy Transfer Roundup – Spurs once again take 1st position…….
    Nearly Signed
    Gareth Barry          
    Roque Santa Cruz   
    Klaus Jan Huntelaar
    Ashley Young
    Arjen Robben
    Gabriel Heinze
    Jermaine Pennant
    David Beckham
    Still Might Sign
    Patrick Vieira      (You have got to be joking!!!! 34 and fat)
    Peter Crouch       (Would link up well with Defoe)
    Two unknown right backs from Sheffield    (How many right backs do we need at our club???)
    One unkown midfielder from Leeds     (Looked good in Division 1, better than Zakora,Jenas???)
    Harry appears to have taken Spurs from the undisputed Champions of the Premier league of transfer Gossip into the Intergalactical all universe undisputed champions. The transfer policy down at the lane has no shape, strategy, direction or sense!  Surely the club must realise that this simply undermines the confidence of the squad to an extent where they must lose confidence in the management of our club. We turn ourselves into the laughing stock of the Premiership year after year and I for one am getting slightly embarrassed at our inability to keep business behind closed doors like most other clubs do.

  7. Nice try at pinning the media’s crap, the awful Spurs blogs itk horseshit and Levy’s procrastinations all on Redknapp.
    You should be more than “slightly embarrassed” I’d say.

  8. sign huntelaar quick sharpish, who cares if we win 4-3 every week thats what spurs are all about, when hes fit king is the best central defender in premiership by country mile, if terry (useless slow overated bad tempered thug!) is worth £30 millon a half fit ledley must be worth £50 millon. More important sign a really good left winger and a dog in midfield and no not Palacois who has done nothing so far.

  9. Well said fuzzy dunlop…usual press bullshit who are the only ones to blame for getting us so excited in the first place. Firstly Huntelaar is going for a lot of money, (we spent 50m in jan!!!!) and do u think he will come to us over a champ league team? He’s stalling for a bigger offer!

    We need to keep the squad we’ve got and change 3 players. No more wholesale changes takes ages for the players to gell.

    Out: bent, bentley, chimbonda, hutton

    In: Poulsen (loan), huntelaar, petrov

    And mark williams I don’t know what team you’ve been watching but palacios will prob be the best holding cm in the prem by the end of the season! Himself, modric abd lennon will be our 09/10 stand out players

  10. OMG! Why are we buying Crouch, when Huntelaar has a way more prolific Strike Record, he’s younger and better. I don’t mind crouch and obviously links extremely well with Defoe, but then we need rid of Bent?! We can’t surely have more than 4 strikers so where does that leave Pav?! Will Huntelaar be any better?! Shouldn’t we just have Keane, Defoe, Pav and Huntelaar?! We also need to really get the defense sorted out. The new boy Naughton was very impressive on Fri, but that is just the Right Back. Assou is also good, but with injuries in the Centre, what do we do?! Sell Bent, buy Huntelaar. Strenghten the Centre of Defense [fit players] & the left wing, and Right Centre midfield. Strenghten = players better than we have now, not just filler for injury prone players.


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