Redknapp: AC Milan are great but so are Spurs


Harry Redknapp

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has stressed the importance of his side getting a positive result at AC Milan.

Redknapp said: “We want to win tomorrow, it’s important to get a good result. The atmosphere in these international competitions is always very good, and we already proved that we can do well in Europe. We have a few players out, but Milan also have some injured players. Tottenham are writing a beautiful story this term in the Champions League, it’s another level of football. The Premier League is a great league but this atmosphere is really wonderful, especially for the supporters.

“Milan are a great team, but we are a great team as well. They’re above Inter now but Inter are also not bad. When we lost 4-3 against them it was like a victory for us, because we went back home thinking that we can scare everyone if we want. I’m happy with the draw, it’s nice to play such games, against a team like Milan.

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