Redknapp believes Spurs can still finish fourth


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Harry Redknapp insists Tottenham are still in the race for a Champions League place.

“We have as good a chance as anyone else. We have goalscorers and you’d expect us to score,” Redknapp said. “We just need one or two more to weigh in with a goal or two.

“Man City can’t beat 10-man Stoke the other day and were lucky to get a draw. It’s hard to win football matches. We’re all struggling. Liverpool are clawing out results as you’d expect them to.

“We’re not taking advantage of their slip-ups. Everyone is struggling to get wins. There are no easy games. Stoke, Bolton, wherever you go, there are no ‘gimmes’ in this division.”


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  1. Why is it since new year these shock results have increased the reason this half matters more and the more desperation sets in the more head scratching results.This is the start Everton 3 Man Utd 1 and with Fellani and Cahill missing star players a Russion American and two kids 20 and 18 this should tell Harry you need a couple of kids to win games but not ones who have bean out for a long time or rumours will circulate you dont take your shirt of to show you have bean on the weights its a booking and another thing has Vrooooooomy run out of gas he looked rubbish and other than his headed goals on Wednesday he was slow in that game i hope its not therumourman spreading Gossip about is size.So To answer Harry statment we can still get into the top four No we can i was confident we would finish 3rd but since the new drug testing is not bean implemented i am not sure teams are playing way above there ability we have to play three teams energized Wigan Bolton Everton and trust me these teams if they play each other can beat each other or draw no matter who is missing. We are missing Lennon and we are struggling the only time energy levels are not high if teams are playing twice in a week or deaths can happen like last year . Everton have beat Chelsea Man Utd Man City yet Liverpool beat them with ten men why because they are anothher of my teams enrgized and the main cause of my campain for the last two years so Everton have just following the trend keep your money by cheap and play like millionaires .So forget fourth because this will be the league shortly CHELSEA MAN UTD ARSENAL LIVERPOL EVERTON BIRMINGHAM ASTON VILLA FULHAM SPURS. Unless Harry tells is medical staff to ring UK sport and ask why are there so many shocks is it what you told Davspurs you cant catch Ephedrine cheats and when you do they believe its cough mixture for a bad chest.There answer would be ask the FA we dont no i bet.We should forget the top four till a better tester iss in place Uk sport have admitted they cant do two jobs promote and test.Harry should get our kids back and play them this would compete with older enegized players and we may get to Wembley if we overcome a powergised Bolton and Davies.

  2. Harry just needs to keep his mouth shut and let his football do the talking. History has shown that Spurs were out of all competitions when we finished 5th two seasons on the trot. What makes Harry think that Spurs can finish 4th when his priority is the F.A. Cup? Exactly, load of rubbish. This is why I am starting to dislike this impostor with a passion.


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