Redknapp blasts “idiot” Spurs fans


Harry Redknapp has blasted Tottenham Hotspur fans who called a radio phone-in following the 1-0 defeat by Manchester City.

Spurs have failed to qualify for next season’s Champions League and are now in a battle for fifth with Liverpool.

“The reaction doesn’t hurt me. The reason I don’t listen to phone-ins is because you’re talking about idiots,” he said.

“Who rings up a radio station? My dad lived for football, went every Saturday, but he wouldn’t pick up the phone to a radio station. It’s absolute nonsense.

“They’re idiots who don’t even watch football. They say, ‘We were rubbish today’.

“The guys on the radio ask them if they were at the game, and they say, ‘No, I heard it on the radio’.

“When I start worrying about what they think, I’ll be in trouble.

“99.9 per cent of people who go to Tottenham have loved everything they’ve seen. That’s all that matters.”

“I can’t believe what’s been said. I don’t know where they’ve been the last few years. Not watching Tottenham obviously,” he said.

“We’ve seen some great football this year, some great games.

“Maybe expectations have been raised, but they don’t have any brains, they don’t understand.

“If they think we should have Champions League football every year, then what’s been happening during all those years we didn’t qualify?

“I didn’t see us reaching the Champions League previously.

“It’s not as if it’s something that happens every year but hasn’t happened this time, so it’s a disaster.

“It’s so hard to get into the top four now.

“We were flying until Gareth Bale got injured and that was a massive setback for us. We could have got an extra four or five points.”

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  1. he needs to go. in will be gone in 12 months even if not convisted this summer. by sept if he is convicted. new manager will want to buy his players so letting harry spend is a waste of money

    and harry, enough the whining about man city’s money, you want to know how to compete with them? because contrary to what you say, you can. answer is beat the bottom fiove teams and man city, and arsenal are out of sight. all to do with motivation as we have much better players. motivation starts with the coach. so stop campaigning for the england job and resting on your laurels, be ambitious for spurs and show the drive of ferguson, and yes, even wenger, and then we would be in the champions league again, we all laughed at wenger and the water bottle when kaboul score, but he cared in a way harry stopped doing years ago, he is burnt out

  2. “It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Can’t remember where I read or heard that quote but it seems to me that it certainly applies here to all the so called fans who are knocking my beloved Spurs, as Harry quite rightly says in the article we have played some decent looking football this year and ok we haven’t helped ourselves to the points that were on offer at certain times of the season and that is something we are going to have to address as well as the strikers issue but overall taking away a positive from this year we now know what it means to be competitive and how to be competitive. For this fan the cup is half full. I’m very confident of what this team can produce in the coming season and I’m sure the chairman will once again show his faith in this club by sanctioning the signings we need to push on and getting the best prices for the players that are leaving. We can’t go back to the bad old days of being satisfied with a midtable finish we have been in the Champs league and yes of course we want to be there again but it’s not a right we have to earn it and we haven’t done that it’s a setback in our development as a club but it’s not the end of the world it’s all about what we do from now that matters. So to all the fickle fans knocking your club come on get behind the team get behind the manager and do more for Spurs than you are now by coating off my beloved spurs.

    Any thoughts on this anyone. Crouch out Pav out Keane out Drogba in Hulk in and Huntelaar in? Plenty goals in there especially with the service our wing men and midfield provide, and Foster as a genuine challenge to Gomes for the number one spot? Bring Danny Rose on a bit more played well in the last couple of games bring Walker back from villa he looks being ready to step into the breach. Any thoughts?

    • I can't see Harry getting rid of Crouch, he's a great option. Defoe's a Harry favourite, and surely can't be this bad next season.
      Pav and Keane, they're gone.
      Ohara will go to Wolves
      Kranjcar (unfortunately), Italy
      GDS, Spain (you would have thought).
      Hutton, Sunderland?

      It does look as though Kyle Walker will be brought back and Rose may provide an understudy to Benoit.
      Give the kids experience in the Europa if we get there. The main additional workload with the Europa should mostly reside with the coaching staff, not the first team.

      Carlo, Arsen and Roberto have all faced criticism this season and finished above us. Why can't Harry be criticised?

  3. arry is right , people who dont go to football dont know whats on.But Bale shouldnt be the only thing at spurs, people who ring radio progs are wankers and that might be true about things like this. the prob with the internet is that we have the syndrome of "the lions of the keyboard". My opinion has always been that if we can't take six points off Blackpool then we are crap. At san siro we looked serie B to be honest until Bale took over.I think arry is brilliant and the best we could have as a manager considering the dross we got in the team. If we lose him it'll be a big mistake. The problem is levy who just hasnt got the bread to put into the team but that may be positive when the likes of chelsea and the scum find themselves bankrupt and that day is not far off coming

  4. As someone who has frequently (but not blindly) defended HR, this feels like a kick in the groin.

    HR has been very selective with statistics (2pts from 8 games) and it would appear hat when the stats don't sit him, he makes them up. The current stat which he ignores is one win from twelve games. I can't think of the last time (if ever) we had that on our CV. His suggestion is that "…We could have got an extra four or five points."

    The other stat he appears to have made up is "99.9 per cent of people who go to Tottenham have loved everything they've seen. That's all that matters." I think he is lucky that the season is coming to a close, because I am sure that if we carry on in the same vein of current form next season, he will be amazed at how much noise that .1% will be making.

  5. I hope you stay at Tottenham I wasn’t a fan of yours b4 in fact I hated you and then you saved us from the bottom 3 and then got us into champs league so I’m glad I’ve been swayed. Lets hope Mr Levy gives you the money to be a proven striker. COYS!!!


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