Redknapp: Celtic and Rangers should be allowed in Premier League


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp believes that Rangers and Celtic should be allowed to join the Premier League.

The Tottenham boss said: “I would welcome Celtic and Rangers to English football if they wanted to play down here — no doubt about it.

“I’m sure they would be good for the English game.

“We are talking about two huge football clubs and if they were to join our league you would be looking at great games in great stadiums.

“I was up in Scotland only a couple of months ago to watch Celtic play Arsenal in the Champions League qualifiers and the atmosphere was out of this world.

“It was incredible and I’d love to see games like that on a more regular basis.

“The one worry I would have is what happens to the rest of Scottish football if the two of them are allowed to leave. But only the people up there know the answer to that.

“If you’re asking me if it would be good for the English game, then the answer is yes.”

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  1. No way do we want scottish clubs in the Premier League, they need to sort out their own league and all the many failings it has then perhaps other clubs might be able to break their dominance. Do Man Utd then deserve to go play in Spain because they have dominated for years and should try something different! And if they did join they should be made to start in League Two.

  2. Can someone please tell me why Harry is getting involved in this stupid debate, he should be talking about our club, not some two bob Scottish teams who have NO chance of ever competing in the Prem! How about a mention of our amazing finanicial results?

  3. Wouldn’t allowing Scottish Clubs into the Premier League make it more acceptable for Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City to buy their way into a European Premier League. (Yes I intentionally left out Liverpool there).

    James is right, let them sort out their own league, and we need to look at our own too. Bring in Platini’s salary cap! It won’t hurt us but it will sort out all of the above with the exception of Arsenal, who (it pains me to say) are without doubt the best run club in the country.

  4. Celtic is a football club belonging to the UK and has every right to play in the English leagues, as currently do Swansea and Cardiff, which provides a precedent. To use an argument of “Do Man Utd then deserve to go play in Spain because they have dominated for years….” is irrelevant and an uneducated person’s attempt to pur scorn on the argument. You just fear that Celtic, after time to adjust, would usurp the likes of the perennial underachievers such as Spurs.

  5. so its ok for welsh clubs to join the english league? also i think that celtic and ranger have the support and resources to do well in the premiership after a few years of stabalising. With the size of each teams support the money recieved and with them playing in the premiership would allow them to attract better players


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