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Harry Redknapp has claimed that Spurs are ‘not close’ to a deal to bring Joe Cole to White Hart Lane yet, but has yet again stated his admiration for the player.

Cole has claimed he wants to play for a manager that “loves him” and Redknapp is doing all he can to fit that bill with his public chase of the player.

Redknapp has gone as far as admitting talks have taken place with Cole and his agent, but claims a deal is still a distance from being struck.

Redknapp said, “I signed Joe as an 11-year-old at West Ham and I think he is an outstanding player, good professional, great attitude, top player.

“I would love to have Joe at Tottenham, but I think there are lots of teams in for him, so we will have to wait and see.

“We are not close to doing anything with Joe.”

Redknapp has also admitted his liking for Atletico Madrid’s Diego Forlan, but feels that he will have to admit defeat in his chase for the Uruguayan.

“He is a player we would like. But I think he might just be out of our range.

“He has had an outstanding World Cup and there wouldn’t be too many players at the World Cup who have done better than Forlan.

“He has scored goals, he has worked hard, he is a top player.”

Redknapp has stated that he is looking to add a couple more players to his squad, but doesn’t feel he needs many due to the quality he already possesses.

“If we can find one or two who we feel will make the difference, we will make signings.

“It is difficult when you have a good squad, as we have, to find people who are better.

“But we are looking and we may come up with one or two before the season starts.”

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  1. I am hoping Spurs will pull out a top signing out of the bag- but I feel a few players will have to go inorder for much dealings to be done this term. Clubs are more & more aware of balancing the books: thank God we have Levy as chairman. He will ensure Arry don't spend, spend, spend!

    • Iver Biggen does not seem to agree with what you have to say about watching the purse strings. Let me tell you something, if 'ARRY wants to spend your money,and he will, just look at poor Pompey, do you think someone like levy is going to stop him. Do me a favour.

  2. Go and get Gerrard for £25 million, add Coentrão of Portugal, Cole and Gudjonsen to him and then watch Spurs challenging for the very top..Off goes Keane and Jenas…Dont forget Sandro is already in the bag.

  3. The only thing left for Gerrard in the English game is a league title, and lets be honest, that isn't happening with Spurs this season (I would love it, though!) Gerrard has three realistic options: Stay with the Reds, go to Chelsea or go abroad. He will probably stay. We still could bring in Julio Baptista or Cavani. Both of those players would bolster the squad, but we would have to offload Keane, Jenas, O'Hara and maybe Pav. I am worried that Cole may go to Man City, and they may allow us to get Bellamy on the cheap. Sandro will not approach the first team until after Boxing day, so don't count on him. Cole would be a nice signing, but if we offer 75k a week, someone else will snatch him up.

  4. Lets look at this logical are you telling me Robbie Keane would not score more goals than the beast or Forlan. When you look at a players form look at is face if he looks gaunt and thin with loads of Energy stay well away its false.. Getting good players is hard because you don't now if they are energized and playing way above there ability till illness strikes or in the worse scenario death . Trust me this is not written lightly and without evidence just look at footballs hall of shame on Ukad drug site not one footballer named only Paddy Kenny and Mutu and one Ace MILAN player for the new steroid in Europe. Our Fa hide cheats to give the impression we are clean when we are not . I picked every player in our England squad who was using energy in the prem with there clubs who would play rubbish and be slow and i was right with every name . If my Team had used this drug i would have told my fans but apart from a few who where on loan we had no one at Spurs using this new way of playing or Wolves Stoke and a few others would have not beat us the way they did .Its seems the Germans have adopted this method of all working at the same Tempo for the whole game .Newton the Wakefield Rugby League player who was the first sportsman to get caught taking the Growth Hormone he said he only took it because he thought there was no test that could detect it well now there is so all the ones using this drug and others where shocked and worried so if some ones outstanding form suddenly dips this could be why. This year Target testing is being introduced and we need to be careful who we buy and for how much because he could turn out rubbish just like ben Johnson did all them years ago many more idiots have followed and sadly some have died young for cheating there way to fame fortune and early deaths Keep what we have better the devil you no for me .


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