Redknapp dashes O’Hara hopes


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Harry Redknapp is not likely to allow Jamie O’Hara to play for Portsmouth in the FA Cup semi-final.

The midfielder is on loan at Pompey from Spurs and it is up to the parent club if O’Hara can play in the encounter at Wembley.

“I have never discussed it with anybody, but I would not think it is a possibility, no,” Redknapp said.

“It is difficult, because he is going to come back here next season.

“It is a shame for Jamie, but I am sure there will be more semi-finals to come somewhere along the line.”

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  1. It's common sense if you ask me. I know there is some history with Portsmouth and Harry, but sorry, we're not loaning out players to help us lose.

  2. Jamie O’Hara needs to remember who pays his wages and show some loyalty to his supposed boyhood team a lot of people have backed him myself included but now with this ” ask Harry if they’ll let me play crap” its beginning to look like he’s trying to generate a move. Well if that’s the case just put in a transfer request we know you’re thick skinned pretty sure the board are too. Stop the whining and just do your job which you’re paid so handsomely to do. Very rare that you see any loyalty shown in football these days I know its different for the players they can move around a lot during their careers but us fans are faithful we go up and down the country (those who can afford to) buy the shirts rejoice when its well die a little when it isn’t and this is how you show your loyalty to the team we love just because you haven’t played at Wembley? Grow up smell the cocoa you’re young there will be other Wembley’s. To be frank I don’t even know how he could think of turning out against us and expect to return. A few years ago I rather rashly made a bet with the lads at work that if Man U were ahead of us come end of February then I would buy and wear a Gooner shirt to work all that week, of course it was a stupid bet and yes of course I lost it and of course I didn’t honour it (are you nuts), normally I’m a man of my word but there are some things you just do not do. The point I’m making is we should always aim high and never be a turncoat. And yes the lads still pull me up and call me a welcher but rather be that than a turncoat besides they all said they wouldn’t have done it either if it were them. Loyalty Jamie. Lillywhitetilidie.


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