Redknapp disappointed with Peter Crouch


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp admits that he is disappointed with Peter Crouch after the Spurs striker was sent off against Real Madrid.

Crouch was shown a second yellow card after just 15 minutes which opened the floodgates and saw Spurs on the end of a 4-0 defeat.

“I knew it would be a difficult night here but to come here and lose a player after 10 minutes made it impossible for us really,” admitted Redknapp.

“I haven’t seen a replay of the tackle (that saw Crouch sent off), the referee made the decision and I’m sure he made what he thought was the right decision.

“I haven’t seen it but he (Crouch) shouldn’t have taken the chance, he’s already got a yellow card, he shouldn’t take the chance that he might get a red card, so that’s disappointing.”

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  1. Crouch hasn't got a brain. You want to compete with champions you will need players with the right mentality. Crouch belongs to a Championship side!

  2. Rodney trotter may not have a brain but he gets far more beaver than you do Sports Malaysia but come to think of it…Malaysia….well maybe not…but fuck off anyway cos Rodney Trotter is the only light relief we have.

  3. Big G…but he still doesn't have a brain! Unless you're on the same level as he is then i can understand where you r coming from. That "G" probably stands for GARBAGE doesn't it?

  4. Just because he scored doesn't mean he can go do stupid things like that and get away with it! There are 11 players not 1 !!! Think before you talk!


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