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Harry Redknapp was disappointed with the performance of his players following the 2-0 defeat at Liverpool.

Tottenham threw away the opportunity to extend their points lead over Liverpool in the race for fourth in the Premier League with a lacklustre display at Anfield

“We came here in good form but really I was disappointed with us tonight,” he told Sky Sports.

“We had a great opportunity and we didn’t take it. We had some players who were below par tonight.

“We got off to a bad start. They worked hard, pressed hard and played with great enthusiasm.

“You never get an easy game here. They responded to the crowd and they deserved their win.”

“We had a decent spell at the start of the second half when we started to hit Crouchy (Peter Crouch) because we couldn’t play through midfield.

“Liverpool had key players missing but we missed having an outlet like Aaron Lennon.

“We lacked that bit of spark and pace.”

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  1. You’ll be getting the shag tonight Howie. At ;east that twat Defoe made it easy for you by, as usual being constantly offside, and on the rare occasion he wasn’t you gave it anyway

  2. ‘You never get an easy game here’. No you should have said ‘Never have we had a better opportunity here, and we blew it’ Liverpool were still a shadow of previous sides but we weren’t good enough, and aren’t good enough.

  3. Spurs were poor tonight, a massive disappointment. Modric was anonymous and when it was time for a change, Harry decided to change the system which caused us more problems than liverpool did.

    Starting with no pace for the second game in a row, when we have Rose and Gio available, whilst brining on Hutton for Corluka? Let’s not even start to talk about not giving Pavlychenko any opportunities this season.

    Harry’s done well this season but we haven’t actually played well bar a handful of games like 2nd half vs Wigan. Harry’s recent charge over his head certainly has effected his judgement and his insistence in keeping faith in Keane is costing us, especially when we have some great strength in depth.

  4. we were shocking, outfault,jenus is useless!!no fight, up front so weak, bale is useless, its embarrasing playing teams and putting up such bad performances–we are a mid table team and always will be unless we go after better players, modric so poor!!

    Supporter for 45 years , think ive had enough, we just dont compete against decent teams, harry should have put 5 in midfiels to combat liverpools 5 in midfield, with jenus in there we had to be over run—hes rubbish , try and get 5 mill and get rid of him.

  5. No Lennon = No width. How many times could you have thrown a handkerchief over half a dozen white shirts collected around the edge of the 18 yard box?? Every time the PSB started he nearly had someones eye out FFS.

  6. Jenas is always rubbish. His best move is turning around and around and around… and finally losing the ball. Harry made bad substitutions. U looking to get a goal and u sub 2 defenders with 2 defenders??? All his subs were rubbish. We needed some attacking players. We had Gio, Rose and Pav. But he brought in Hutton and Bassong? Keane is bad enough playing upfront, why stick him on the left??? We got natural attacking midfielders on the bench!!! You would think that with 10mins remaining he would take of king for an attacking midfielder, but no! Whats the point??? Harry will never get us into the top 4! He puts players out of position and blame them for not playing well. Modric should have started in the middle. He is a waste of talent on the wings. Put Jenas there, he is useless anyway. So, so dissapointing. Next we should no only rate the players, but the manager too!!!

  7. Top 6 is the only realistic target in the league. That’s the worst we have played all season. Pains me to have to admit this but we bottled it against an average side!!!

    Will lets face it gents/ladies we don’t support “Spurs” for the glory!!!

    Roll on “Leeds”!!!!

  8. This is effectively the end of our top 4 challenge. We have been unable to beat a supposed top 4 team away since 1993 so how can we dream to compete in the champions league?
    More damaging is the 8 points we have dropped at home to three of the leagues worst teams. Stoke, Wolves and Hull. Ultimately it will be those points that see us lose 4th spot which we certainly will. We are simply not good enough and our form is stop start, stop start. As soon as I saw Jenas on the pitch I knew the old Spurs would be out there.

  9. I blame the manager. He said we lacked an outlet and played with no wide players. Yet he picked 2 wingers for the bench and left them there. Rose or Gio or both would have given an option other that banging it at Crouchs head at every time. Why you Jordan, Bond and Clive Allen all sitting there with Harry to come up with no tactics baffles me.

  10. Moderators: I would like you to ban Kenneth Munn from this site. He is quite blatantly a Gooner and has no place making comments like that. If you’re not prepared to stay on your own teams pages then you should be banned. You’re not funny or clever, just a complete tool.


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