Redknapp distances himself from England job


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has expressed an interest in the England managerial job, but feels that he will not get the position due to his age.

Fabio Capello announced this week that he plans to step down at the Euro 2012 campaign and Redknapp has always had a desire to manage his country.

When asked if he would turn down the role, Redknapp said: “No, but I don’t want to start saying ‘I want the England job’.

“It’s not something that I push myself for. I will probably be too old. If Capello is too old, I will be too old.”

Yet he added: “People will always take it because, if you’re English, it’s the pinnacle of your career if you’re in management.

“You’ve got to take the job if you get offered it. “(But) whoever takes it gets absolutely slaughtered.

“Probably the only person who has escaped it has been Terry Venables in Euro 96.

“But, since then, everybody’s had it, haven’t they? Probably even the great Bobby Robson.

“He got slaughtered at one stage – made his life a misery.

“I would like to see an English guy get the job when Capello calls it a day,” he added.

“There’s a lot of good football people out there who never get the opportunity to manage at a higher level, who would be just as good and just as clever given the chance. I really believe that.”

He added: “If you can’t produce someone who can manage the country then what we should do is send them all over to Italy to do the coaching badge.

“There is somebody out there, a younger guy, who can do that job. They are not taking over a team that has done so fantastic, that has won World Cups.

“It can’t be any worse, can it?

“We have got a great manager now. But it hasn’t worked so far in terms of the World Cup.

“I want to see an English boy have a go.”

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  1. I could fully understand Harry taking the job if offered it for the reasons he has alluded to himself and nobody could ever hold it against him, managing your country is special.

    That said though Harry isn’t getting any youger and history would show us that England managers tend to fail and in turn get slaughtered by the press, is that they way he would really want to finish his carreer?

    Something special is happening at Tottenham, our best squad in 20 years, Champions league football at the Lane, New stadium on the way in the next few years ( should be nearly ready by the time Harry’s current contract runs out- planning permission nothwithstanding) He could have signed a brand new shiny contract and be leading us into our new state of the art fantastic home, the first Tottenham manager to lead us in our new era.

    Everything is in place to contiue the rise and awakening of the sleeping giant that is Tottenham Hotspur and Harry has had a big hand in the turn around and what is taking place at the moment.

    If I was him I would think long and hard about any offer from England should it arise as they say the grass is not always greener. He has all the tool’s at the Tottenham to go on and become a true legend of the game I just hope he realises this if he asked to make a choice.



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