Redknapp on Dzeko to Spurs


Harry Redknapp has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur could look to sign Edin Dzeko in January.

Speaking after the 2-0 win against Newcastle, Redknapp stated that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is keen to bolster the squad during the upcoming transfer window – but Redknapp is unsure of spending big money on Dzeko.

Redknapp told Call Collymore on talkSPORT: “If we could find the right player that would make the difference we would do it.

“The chairman is up for is up for it and he’s pushing me more than I’m pushing him. But it’s hard to find that person who you think would take you to the next level.

“They are talking about £35million for the boy Dzeko [at Wolfsburg], but is he worth it? It would scare me spending that sort of money unless I was 100 per cent sure.”


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  1. Don't need him, would be a liability with that sort of money especially when VDV only cost 8million and is as good if not better…. I would buy Carol from Newcastle and develop him long term as soon we will have a plethora of layers back from injury etc.

  2. We won’t be getting Dzeko, as he will join Man City, it’s pretty much guaranteed now. A strikeforce of Dzeko, Tevez and Balotelli is quality, makes out set of strikers look poor in comparison, so we have to sign someone to keep up with them.

  3. Exactly what we need. His goal record speaks for himself, could turn us into a real force. I think it’s well worth the gamble!

  4. GET DZEKO he's top class ,has every thing in his locker to be a spurs legend ,not only is he talented but he also has the work rate and desire

  5. Please! the man is quality but the thought of him coming to Spurs never even crossed my mind because of the price tag and the obvious Man City link … but now that Harry is considering buying him gives us a spec of hope that we will sign him, however, a reasonable mention should be Podolski. Just look at the situation he's in

  6. samuel eto'o for 30 million would be a dream buy, quality striker. Maybe van der vaart can get snejder, his best friend for us. Also, inter are crap now so good move for them to jump ship

  7. 35mil is alot of money plus he will go to city for the money and not for the club maybe harry should spend 25mil on fernando torres he a great goal scorer plus he been in prem for 2-3yrs now or samuel eto”o,maybe bring in a defender aswell and the bring in one more attackin midfielder sniejer soz bout spelling he and rafa would be a great midfield force and hed only cost bout bout 20mil at least,but sell bentley,ohara,pav,crouch,maybe loan dos santos out to a prem club to see how he gets on coyyyyysssssss

    • "maybe harry should spend 25mil on fernando torres" – ha ha hha hah hahah hhah hah ha. no wonder the gooners laugh themselves hoarse at you lot. why not say fek it and spend 50 mill on torres and messi ?

  8. anyone just sense another shevshenko over here? could be major, massive flop, and we can just laugh at city after they loan him out to someone like everton (19m for jo and look what happened)

  9. Before we blow 35 mill on securing a few more goals,i really think we need to sort out the right and left back positions, they just arent good enough,with Bale and Lennon crossing from both sides i could score 20 a season!! so no real need for a budget busting striker,Carroll would be good tho,but i’d rather spend 35 mill on some proper grafters at the back,nothing flash,Hutton and Corluka and Ekotto can get on the bus with Keane!

    • Ekotto is one of the best left backs in the country.
      We could do with a more defensive minded right back. But I certainly wouldnt get rid of Hutton.
      Corluka, as much as his positional and defensive work is fantastic, he is too slow and is a weak spot for sure.

    • As for you Paulio how you can sit there and say Ekotto should be on his bike is an absolute joke and proves you dont watch football properly.
      Ekotto as a one on one defender is the best in the league, he is strong, quick, good enough in the air and on the ball is the calmest player in the world possibly after Messi lol, he can be running back to goal with two players chasing him and still every time manages to keep the ball and with some trick running in the opposite direction. Hutton has been great lately too.

      The only reason people criticize Ekotto is because sometimes he can be caught out positionally with a ball over the top but even that side of his game has been erradicated.

      Who do you suppose we get everyone thought Maicon was the best fullback in the world and now hes shite because of Bale, football is a fickle world, but we have 2 of the most athletic technically good fullbacks in the league.

      Fullbacks will touch the ball more than any other player on the pitch espeicially the way we use them, Iread in the Mail the other day Ekotto has made the most interceptions in the league, thats the whole league with 3.8 a game

      • Well ive watched every spurs game for last few seasons and although brilliant going forward and occasional nifty footwork,Ekotto in my book is a liability,yeah he's got the swagger and confidence but he gets caught out too many times,which drags daws/kaboul/gallas out of position to cover,or he runs back like bull in china shop and hacks down whoever has gone past him to give away needless pens or freekicks,dont get me wrong he's a good player,if he's in the mood that is!

    • "with Bale and Lennon crossing from both sides i could score 20 a season"….That why Crouch has only got one then?? We have the strike force of a div one team. BAE is good enough and Hutton is getting to where he should be. We look strong at the back and have shown that by the last two games!

    • you are a fool mate, firstly, none of our strikers can score 20 a season with our wing play which is why we need better strikers, as for you doin it? tell comolli.
      Secondly BAE is bettered by whom?? Seriously, give me a name?? Ashley Cole?? Can't see him in a spurs shirt myself. Please don't trot out the bilbao left back either. Little point in fact that you should be aware of….how much cover do you think he gets when Bale goes on the rampage and it breaks down?? Shall we ask bale to stop? Seriously you are trotting out the tired ole cliche that was trotted out when he first joined us. WATCH the game, don't just read the forums.

  10. I dont really agree with the abuse being given to City yes they have bought there team for big money but so have Man Utd, just because Man Utd did it over a longer period of time people forget that fact, Barcelona are the only team in world football to have brought through there own team really

    Hart Free Van Der Sar 2mil
    Zabaleta 7m Rafeal 3.5m
    Kolarov 16m Evra 6m
    Kompany 6m Vidic 8m
    Toure 15m Ferdinand 30m
    DeJong 7m Fletcher Free
    Barry 12m Carrick 18m
    Toure 27m Anderson 19m
    Milner 25m Nani 17m
    Silva 27m Rooney 30m
    Tevez 25m Berbatov 30m

    By my calculations its only a couple million separating the first team transfer amounts,

  11. im not too keen on dzeko, not sure why im just not sure hes a spurs player! i think suarez would be a good bet, the kid is a goal hungry fox in the box and considering the number of chances our wingers put on a plate for strikers he would be lethal! im coming round to the idea of buying carrol though, he looks the real deal and could play in the champs league (european teams would hate playing against his height and power!) he seems like a goal scoring version of crouch (which is the only thing i can knock crouchy for, i think he gives 110% every time he plays for us) im not sure he would leave newcastle though! i also think we should take a punt on whickham but loan him back to the championship for now, its a risk but it could be worth it because hes a massive lad whos pretty good with his feet aswell, i have a few ipswich supporter friends who cant talk highly enough of him, if he stays injury free he could be a really good premier league striker in the future, whatever happens though it looks like levy wants to spend the cash which from his previous record can only be a good thing, i trust levy & harry to do what is right for spurs but you know we wont break the bank for anyone, and if he does get someone we can only hope he pulls another ‘Van der Vaart’ style rabbit out of the hat! COYS

  12. get dzeko his is a world class player.He will stregthin are club
    harry get dzeko for 30m rossi 31.5m llorente 20m diarra 20m ruiz 14m cahill 20m
    and samba 10m plus bassong if u can do this it will stregthin are club so much that you believe it o and i forget 3 players jose enrique 10m juan mata 30m marcelo 35m
    come harry do it


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