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Harry Redknapp is looking for just one player who could lift Tottenham to the next level.

With Tottenham having already secured qualification to the Champions League next season, Redknapp is already pleased with the squad he has, but admits that one major signing would be of interest.

“It’s difficult to improve this squad. If Woodgate comes back fit, we’ve got good options everywhere,” he said.

“I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we don’t do anything this summer.

“But if we could find a really special player, someone who could take the team to another level like, for example, the way (Fernando) Torres did to Liverpool, then we’ll try to do that.

“It might only be one player – one expensive player – but then we might go for it.

“I don’t want four or five players – I wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if he goes for Craig Bellamy. I'm not suggesting Bellemy is a world class team changing player, but 'arry always says good things about him, he brought him up again just before city game, and at the end of the match, Bellemy went straight up to 'arry and they shared a little moment.

  2. I’d love torres or tevez but don’t think it will happen.

    Maybe zlatan will be available but I’d prefer eto’o if possible.

  3. Jenas out van der vaart in, bently out srna in, keane out dzeko in and i wouldnt mind a velosa or mouthino thrown into the mix…..

    • Well thats about 5 names you've mentioned. He's only talking about one signing. More will go than will come.

  4. torres or villa would be amazing the only place to improve is maybe up front
    but who can we buy beter than wat we already have ?

  5. Look no further than Gerrard and Mascherano..Gerrard will team into title contenders overnight..i suspect he will assess Woodgate's situation then move for a centre half, when fit there aint many better than Woodgate. Gerrard is his number one target.

  6. Might be worth going to the Bookies on monday and sticking a tenner on Torres scoring or first goal next season. This sounds like typical Harry. Why mention the name Torres and then say he’s not necessarily after him. Remember how we came to sign Keano from L’pool?…. Ha ha, he’ll always be a wheeler dealer.

    • Are you against resigning Berba full stop?
      That’d be a tough one. I agree though that I wouldn’t do a swap deal for any existing spurs player.

  7. Heard a rumour that Modric was on his way for Berba and Carrick. Though i love Modric that one would be hard to turn down.

  8. We won't sell any of our starting XI. Harry's already said that.
    Jenas and Keane will go.
    We have already got Sandro coming in who looks to be a great player.
    The one big signing will be Bellamy, J Cole or Jovetic.
    Bellamy would be great in my opinion, works well with Harry, would work well in our team.

  9. why not go for a player like sergio Aguero or guieseppe rossi someone a bit younger who has undoubted talent and can grow as a player with spurs just like modders is and lennon bale hudd and i still think joe cole is gonna come on free transfer cant see him starting though

  10. ็harry is right! Why bother bringing in player that will not improve the squad. also agree that it is very hard to improve our squad now, even at the left back (I am fine with BAE. People don't appreciate him sometime but I do think that he does make us look solid on the left flank). Only top player should be brought this summer. But I fear this will be very hard to do in practice because of our wage structure. I don't suggest we break the structure considering the new stadium plan. If we don't be careful, financial troubles is a possibility. So I think we should go for the best player on the planet, who not only we think can improve the squad but also doesn't demand a ridiculous wage. Players in this category are the young rising stars like Yaya, dzeko, Young, Macheda, etc. It will be interesting to see how we go this summer!!!. So exciting!!!

  11. i think dzeko is a posiblity but im not sure any of our current strikers at the club are good enough as much as i love robbie and defoe

  12. Podolski!

    Zlatan would be too pricey considering Barca paid 70 mil Euros for him. Not so sure how Eto'o would fit in the 4-4-2 formation. My top pick would be Torres though, which is never going to happen. The guy is the most brilliant striker out there.

  13. Out: Pav (or Ghud), Keane, Hutton, O'Hara, Taraabt, Dos Santos, Jenas (about £ 55 mil)

    In: Left Back cover (for BAE), Left Wing cover (for Bale), Centre Back cover (for Woodgate), Goalkeeper cover (for Gomes/Cudicini) + (of either) one BIG Centre Forward OR Attacking Midfielder.


  14. i think that we will go for one amazign player as harry said 'a special one'.
    as last year we were rumered to be interested in an aray of players, the likes of Robben, Sneijer, Van der vart and Hunterlarr( can u see the pattern here, there all dutch) but last year these players were all up for graps but the only problem was we did not have the attraction of the champions league football. they all wanted a move to the premier league and with Man U not wanten real madrid 'retrects' we were interested. the differnace this year is that we have champions league football so common ROBBEN he will take us to the next level. SPECIAL ONE. an UNDERSTATEMENT


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