Redknapp hints at quiet transfer deadline day


Harry Redknapp expects to do little business today despite being linked with Sergio Aguero.

Redknapp said: “I never made a bid for Andy Carroll. Maybe the chairman did but I never did. Nobody has told me we’ve made a bid.”

“Fernando Llorente? No chance. I’m not going back to Spain any more. Definitely not,” said Redknapp, referring to his mugging before watching last week’s Madrid derby.

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  1. He has to say that, becuase our lot have left it far too late for other teams to replace any striker they would sell. Well done Levy/Arry, pissed time and effort signing a MF player past his best, and is not even allowed to play for us, pissed time and effort in trying to sign every midfield player and defender on the planet, when all can see, even Stevie bloody Wonder that we need a striker with a big Banjo and a Donkey with a very large Ass.

  2. Fantastic. The team CLEARLY needs improving – just look at what happened Sunday. We need a new centre-back, new right back, holding midfielder and a striker! Instead we get Pienaar (why??) and spend all our efforts negotiating for a 2 month loan deal with David Beckham (who is past it anyway!). We'll be lucky to finish top half of the table this season, you just need to look at the other teams and how much money they're chucking around. Chelsea in for Torres, Liverpool got Suarez and possibly Anelka, City got Dzeko, Spurs got Pienaar…???

    Levy/Redknapp, it's an investment!! If you're not going to invest money in the team, then you're not going to win silverware! How stupid are we going to feel when we're out the Champions league, out the FA cup, out the league cup and 7th/8th in the league with no money to spend in the Summer window. We were too dependent on Bale and if he's injured for much longer, our position will get worse and worse because we haven't improved our team at all… Bad time to be a Spurs fan.


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