Redknapp hits back at Hansen’s comments


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Harry Redknapp is confident Spurs can hold their nerve in the race for a Champions League place.

BBC foootball pundit Alan Hansen recently claimed that Spurs would “always let you down at one stage”, and Redknapp believes that Spurs have had a fantastic season.

“You start talking about Liverpool and it’s not the same team that won championships and doubles,” he said. “It’s different players. I don’t even see what it has to do with anything in the past.

“We’ve not let anyone down. We’ve had a fantastic season again and we have a million injuries. Injury after injury at the moment.”

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  1. Judge spurs at the end of the season. Anyway, hanson tipped liverpool for the title. I suppose if you talk enough shit you’ll eventually say something erudite

  2. Like you said Stoney, hopefully Hansen will be eating shit come the end of the season – & that other donkey Lawrensen.

  3. scouse cunt…still hanging onto the past…and remember spurs fans..always check you still have your wallet when the scousers are around

  4. what the scouse scum doing putting stuff on a spurs link anyways the scum will finish lower then the super spurs with there spanish waiter

  5. Hanson is just a muppet must be really shitting it about Liverpool finishing 6th, always thought he never nothing about football and this proves it, needs to face the fact that Liverpool are living off past memories cause thats all they got these days and in the future

  6. Why is Harry even bothering to respond to Hanson ? Redknapp talks about anything and everything more then any other manager. Stop the blabbering and spend the time on tactics,


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