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Harry Redknapp has responded to claims by Adel Taarabt that he should have joined Arsenal rather than Tottenham Hotspur.

The midfielder has failed to break into the Spurs first team and is currently on loan at QPR.

“He said that Barcelona and Real Madrid are coming in for him. That is where he sees himself going next year,” said Redknapp tongue in cheek.

“Barcelona have not been on the phone today and nor have Real Madrid. When they ring us, we are going to ask a lot of money for him.

“He said that he should have gone to Arsenal which is not a clever thing to say when you are playing for Tottenham. He will come back next season unless Barcelona or Real pick up the phone.”

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  1. its better to be thought of a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt pity Adel didn’t think about that before opening his huge yab. Obviously we were wrong about him we didn’t know he was footballs next big thing. What a tool. Have you noticed how all the top teams are beating down our door to sign him? Legend in his own mind. Dick head.

  2. He is DOGSHIT and always will be. I remember seeing him start against Leyton Orient one pre-season and the O's fans were singing something along the lines of 'He wouldn't evev get a game for us'.

  3. Stupid remarks Taarabt but equally no need for Redknapp to respond with sarcasm who is too fond of the sound of his own voice. Both should keep their big gobs shut

  4. Blimey if Taarabt thinks he would make the Arsenal team then he is need of serious medical help. FDelusional or what? I've seen him play enough times, has skill but no brain.

  5. This is not hard to fathom because he is playing alongside Jay Simpson on loan from Arsenal and is manager is the gob on legs Warnock he said he would teach him and he has the next Zidane stand up and take a bow .

  6. Ahem nowhere in taraabt’s statement the other day does it say ‘i wish i joined arsenal or i want to join arsenal’ give him a break. Most of you lot were talking him up up and up but as soon as this pile of muck is printed by an arse biased rag you lot flip and slag him off and spurs fans look stupid and fickle again. That load of tossers up the road are laughing at us again. I had proof of this in the pub last night. Relax guys.


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