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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has hit back at claims his side rely on Peter Crouch’s height.

Both Stoke City and Aston Villa players are reported to have suggested that Spurs use a lot of long balls to the 6ft 7″ striker.

Redknapp said: “That’s rubbish. Absolute nonsense. We pass the ball to death and hit Crouchy in the right areas.

“They (Villa) got labelled a long-ball team by Arsenal, maybe a couple of their players wanted to pass the buck to us but I wouldn’t know what a long-ball team was.

“If you can hit a 50-yard pass, it’s better than a 10-yard pass or a backwards one. It’s about creating strikes on goals, if it’s 50 yards then it’s a great ball. It’s about quality.”

“Every time we hit Crouchy against Villa he knocked the ball down and we had chances to score,” Redknapp said. “If you are going to have Peter Crouch in your team you have to use him, you can’t expect him to run up channels or to come short. That’s not his game.

“He is an option when teams fill up the midfield and you can’t pass through them. We have that great option to miss out the midfield, hit him and pick things up around the box.

“That is what makes us a much better team – we have options and don’t have to keep passing.

“You can pass all day. We’ve seen that recently from teams. People say they are playing fantastic football but they are not winning games.

“We are playing fantastic football but also have an option with Crouchy as well, which is good.”

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  1. The stoke and villa players would be correct then. We over use the long ball, which is made worst by that fact crouch can’t head.

  2. We didn’t play the longball against Villa, but at the same time, every build-up seemed to culminate in a high cross towards Crouch to head down for Modric or Defoe. It’s incredibly predictable and fairly easily defendable which has been proven on numerous occasions this year. If we played a diamond in MF or played 4-5-1, there would be more options on the ground but with only Defoe and Crouch in the middle, who are you going to try to hit? Unless Bentley and Modric are going to beat people out wide and draw defenders away from the centre, I don’t see anything changing. It’s just not Harry’s way. COYS

  3. Dont understand you soft southerners and the way you constantly complain about your teams.Spurs play fantastic football and are in with a shout for euro football and yet you still whing and complain.
    Why??? Considering how very very little silverware southern teams have won you should be over the moon at having a winning team.

  4. No wonder the taxman’s in for him. He does like a ‘porky’
    does our Harry. I sat their and watched him (sheepishly)
    disguise what Ive been pulling hair out over for weeks now…
    (Honest ask the neighbours)The dreadded LONG BALL. Before
    Crouch, he sat their with full conviction… saying ”
    our model is Barcelona” That’s how we wanna play”
    our movement is key with the players we’ve got”. (I
    felt like telling the missus to F*** off, cos my real
    misses was coming back to the Lane .8 weeks later no
    less….. ‘becauae of tactical ineptitude. JD and C sir ?!
    Or would u like a C with your JD ? Dares to say ” theres
    no point in passing the ball round all day “(Course not
    mate why the f*** would we go and do that for).
    I know He’s the man at the helm of my beloved and perenially
    emotionally bound club, but their just comes a point…….
    a BULLS****** is a BULL***** in my eyes (woool being pulled
    and all that)Big run in now till the end though, how i prey

  5. For a team that i would once say had fans to rival the best of them. i think its pathetic spurs fans are sticking the knife in arrys back. every one could see last season spurs were doomed and if it werent for ol twitchy bollox would have been playin division 1 footy. I thought arsne wenger was the biggest whinger in north london?!

    Yes, Spurs are in a relegation dog fight thats for sure….LOL!! You poor little sods. Do you soft southerners EVER stop complaining about your teams? A few average results and you get all hysterical like a bunch of spoiled Sissy boys. Get BEHIND Harry. He knows his game and saved your sorry yid arses and you f****ng know it!! .What is wrong with you people?(alphabetically that is).Call yourself supporters?? Pahhhh!!

  7. Don’t know why Harry has got drawn into this. it is quite obvious that we are not a long ball team even though we do use Crouch’s height for knock downs from time to time. I think the Leicester fans / players should look at their own boring boring team before they start name calling. Just ’cause old venger sussed them out for the negative team they are!

  8. Martin who do you support then,you sound like you support a team in trouble, and wishes we were your team up north ,and I promise you im no softie, just that the majority of spurs fans are realist, and tell it like it is,now go away.

  9. Most of you lot are on drugs – do you actually watch any of our games!! If so then you would see how many chances we create game after game and our only problem recently has been our inability to kill teams off and we have come up against some amazing GK performances as well. Seriously, Harry is totally right, most teams cant play football to our standard when they play us so they park the bus and hope for a break away goal like Stoke and Wolves. Crouch does give us that other option if we cant play through them. When we only really had the options of two little strikers everyone was moaning we didnt have a target man! get a fucking grip!


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