Redknapp: I didn’t celebrate out of respect for Portsmouth


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Harry Redknapp has revealed he did not celebrate Tottenham’s win against Portsmouth out of respect for Pompey.

Redknapp returned to Fratton Park for the first time since taking over as Spurs manager and saw his side come away with a 2-1 win.

He said: ‘To to honest, even if I had got beat there, I wouldn’t have gone home disappointed because that (the good reception) was important to me.

‘Obviously I want to win, I didn’t go there to lose, but genuinely if we’d have got beat I would still have gone away thinking “it’s not been a bad day”.

‘I would have gone out with Sandra that night and not felt bad at all.

‘It was more important to me that people didn’t behave badly towards me.

‘I didn’t want that agro from the people, I didn’t feel I deserved it.

‘Out of respect, I didn’t celebrate the goals.

‘I didn’t want to start jumping up and down, not on Saturday.

‘I’m not like Adebayor who played a few games for Arsenal, I was there for seven years with these people.

‘Even if they had scored at the end and we’d have drawn, I would have still gone home and had a good feeling about the day.

‘They are just lovely people. Before the game some by the bench started clapping me and saying “thanks for what you’ve done Harry”.

‘They couldn’t have been nicer.

‘These are good people, they know the great times we had.’

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  1. ALl Pompey fans felt let down by Harrys timing, and his decision to NOT be at the Fulham game the weekend he left. NO ONE begrudged him his move to Spurs, just the timing. I for one had a good old anti harry sing song, not out of hate, but to get the hurt out of my system, and i suspect, if others are honest, they felt the same. But Haryy didnt celebrate, and he did have kind words after for the fans, so it may not make up for the way he left, but i think it showed respect. So thanks Harry for that, and the cup etc, but in hindsite, i just wished you had left the Monday AFTER the fulham game, as that too would have been a respectfull way to do things.

    But all the best now the air is cleared, and Play up Pompey…


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