Redknapp: I won’t sign Sol Campbell


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Harry Redknapp has ruled out any possible return to Tottenham Hotspur for Sol Campbell.

Writing in his column in The Sun, Redknapp said: “Some people are already claiming I am now going to sign Sol. Well, let’s nail that one straight away – it ain’t going to happen.

“I said during the summer that, if I was the boss of any other Premier League club, I’d sign Sol like a shot.

“That statement still applies today. But there is no way in the world Sol is ever going to play for Spurs again.

“There is simply too much bad feeling towards him from the fans at White Hart Lane.

“It would be too much hassle for him, for me and the club. Anyway, I couldn’t sign him even if I wanted to because of the regulations.

“Sol is now a free agent but Premier League clubs can’t sign any players unless they were out of contract in the transfer window.”

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  1. Campbell would never be welcomed by most Spurs fans and it’s to Harrys credit that he recognises that. Goes down well in my book.

  2. This is sad because he could have healed a gaping wound between himself and the spurs fans . I love spurs with all my heart but living in the north west in widnes and supporting spurs for 47 of my 57 years and not growing up with the hatred for arsenal it would be a lot easier to forgive sol campbell than north london fans .Hating anybody is somthing hi find very hard to do dont get me wrong he hurt me when he stalled and told all us fans he would sign a contract yes the word hurt ment over the years and more so when he left arsenal my hurt healed and he became another ex player dont forget he left us ledley a better all round player and with a far more hurting story than sols leaving is knee injury .Its a shame because Harry belives like hi do that campbell could take this young inexperience team into the champs league and pay the fans some of the hurt he dished out and a lot of hatred.COYS FORGIVE AND KNOCK THE ARSENAL OUT OF CHAMPS LEAGUE WITH SOL IT WOULD BE SWEETER

  3. I’d second David’s comment. Despite being a lifelong Spurs fan(and living the best part of my life in London) I have a huge respect for Wenger and the team he has created and I understand why Sol wanted to be part of it. True, Sol could have dealt with his transfer to Arsenal better, but that’s history now and we should all move on.

    Success for Spurs is the most important thing and if that means signing ex-Arsenal players then that’s what we should do. It’s definitely time to forgive and forget. If we are to become a big club we have to start thinking as a big club and forget about petty rivalries.

  4. Sol was a great spurs player, our captain, that’s what made it worse when her left for arsenal. Every young spurs fan looking up to him, wishing they could be like sol as they grew up. For us all to see him leave and join arsenal, all those fans hearts he didn’t care about. He knew of the rivalry, he would have felt it the the most on North London derby days, yet he chose to join them on a free, he knew what would happen. For me, and i have a very forgiving nature, I would hate to see him in our colours again, I would be devastated to see him return, because i don’t think morally he is much a man, good player though, but sometimes that isn’t enough. COYS


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