Redknapp: I’m running out of central midfielders


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Harry Redknapp admits that Tottenham Hotspur are running out of central midfielders after Tom Huddlestone was stretchered off during the 2-1 win against Everton.

Huddlestone is said to have sprained his ankle, but will undergo a scan to find out the extent of the damage.  Meanwhile, Jermaine Jenas will undergo an operation on Wednesday.

Wilson Palacios has picked up nine bookings this season and another would mean a suspension.

Redknapp said: “You’re going to miss Tom – he’s a top player for us, he’s makes us play and he’s a great passer and we needed that when we were going through that dodgy little spell. It was important we tried to get hold of the ball.

“We don’t know how bad his injury is at the moment but it doesn’t look good.

“He’ll have a scan and we’ll see how it is but we are running out of central midfield players – we’ve only got three anyway. It’s not an ideal situation and it’s an area we’ve been light on all season really.”

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  1. Harry is having laugh,i have watched every Spurs game this season, Tom is so slow for the premier league,he over hits passes,can’t tackle,gives fouls away so easily and on the edge of the box. That is against lower placed teams in the league,he always get slaughtered by teams in the top 4,can anyone tell what Tom brings to our game for me it is a wasted player.

  2. Simples Bostcock, Parrett, Livermore, Ohara. Give the lads a chance, the fault is Redknapps, that we have no Midfielders! You dont buy Kaboul, when you have Dervitte. You buy whats needed, someone to compete with Hud and Wilson.

  3. I cant believe what some of you are writing! Bostcock, Parrett, Livermore, Ohara…. Are you being serious??? We are challenging for top 4 and you want us to give the lads a chance. Would the players listed play CM for any top 4 team or even Everton, Villa, City etc etc. We should have snapped up a CM in Jan. If lennon and hudd are out, i would play,

    Bale Palacios Modric Kranjcar

    BAE is now back and could combine a good balance on the left with Bale.


  4. mark how old are you you must sill read the beano i will have a sportsman’s bet that we struggle without Tom and dont talk of slow for the prem lokk at teams in europe and then look at them in the prem .The reason since the golden prem started one player failed a drugs tests and he only failed that because he flew at Moreno off is head in training and Moreno got shifted and Chelsea got fined by the embarrassed FA 60,000 for ringing the testers.He is a gifted player drug free and not a thin energized cheat you would be shocked to see whose Tempo slows for internationals and in Europe . And you should be proud what Jermain Defoe has said about players role model and he said he doesent drink or do drugs and that makes me proud .I Predicted Everton would be energized because here in the north west its rife and a few other places and no matterhow much on top or who is missing there performance empo never alters and dirty tackles are a part of it and Wenger was right to question some of stokes play but his team are not Angels when it comes to energised nutters like Gallas and a few of is past players Merson Adams were not saints.So be proud because if you new what i no you would not question Hudds speed and ability he will be missed by us and England because i seen him helping us win the world cup and us the fa cup and fourth sad mad rumourman.

  5. therumourman thats so derogatory comment about me and the beano take it you don’t go to spurs games home and away like i do and you talk a load of shit between issues get a grip off arsole

  6. Well said, Mark. I agree with you. Huddlestone (along with Jenas) are not good enough to play central midfield on a regular basis. Decent enough squad players, but not to start week-in week-out. How I wish we’d signed Scott Parker in the January transfer window he is far more mobile than Huddlestone and gets up and down the pitch which would take a lot of pressure of Palacios.

  7. Mark – you must be wathcing a different games to me, especially today! WTF happened when Hudd went off!?? A midfield isnt about one player its about balance and thats what a pairing of Hudd and Palacios bring. How normally find Lennon maurading down the wing with a 60 yard pass – Corluka?? No Hudd! You are blind fella

  8. Esso Ekotto is ready to return at left back and Bale could fill in in midfield.
    We have players enough, Harry will find the right spots for them

  9. Gudjohnsen has played in midfield for Barcelona. Suggesting left-backs or inexperienced youngsters is rather strange, with such a fact in mind.

  10. This is the genius of Spurs fans… 35,000 managers at every game and always an ‘easy’ solution to every problem – No wonder Spurs managers never last more than 18 months. Bostock (Has he finished his ‘O’ levels yet?) & Livermore in centre mid with Chelsea, Arsenal & Man U coming up? Brilliant.

    If no-one has noticed, T’Hudd has played a central role in what so far has been a very successful season. I think that’s kind of saying that yes, he is good enough for the prem.

    Jeez, if Kate Moss was sitting on your lap covering you in whipped cream you’d complain that she ‘had a bit of a gap between her teeth’.

  11. Well Said Mes. Most of these blogs and comments are sad. The squad are doing well, versatile & cohesive. The manager is getting it right so far & i hope it continues with future challenges. most if not all of the kids mentioned will probably never play a full role at club level in the premier league. they are possibles not probables. The loss of Huddlestone, Ledley & Lennon are a serious setback to our ambitions. Lets hope that Bale & Modric stay injury free for what will be a gruelling run-in to the seasons climax. Lets support the players & manager like we used to during the 60’s 70,s 80,s. We can do without these moaners & quick fixers. we need solidarity like in the old days. Get behind the club or stay at home & play fantasy football. Come on u Spurs!

  12. Im pretty shocked to hear people say that THudd isn’t premiership standard? Which games have to been watching? He strikes the ball incredibly well and as far as passing and distribution go he is up there with the best this league has to offer! I would possibly have agreed with your comments a couple of years ago but this lad has come on leaps and bounds in the last year or so. Its about time some of you so called Spurs supporters got behind our team and started to realise that you don’t get to challenge for 4th spot (albeit with a little way to go) without a fairly decent squad of players and certainly Huddlestone has been an integral part of us keeping possesion of the ball in midfield all season.

    Mark – I would be suprised if you had been to any matches at all this season from your comments let alone home and away matches as you have mentioned. Get behind your team for gods sake and start appreciating what we have got or as John says stay at home!


  13. Personally I’m not sure Tom is good enough to command a regular place in the side,as to our current midfield woes,with Dawson and Bassong doing O.K. at the back why not play Ledley in midfield ? He has played there for England and did a agreat job if my memory serves me right.

  14. i agree. bring back o’hara. he’s had a brilliant season in a poor team. he could slot right in alongside palacios. gudjonnsen played most of his latter games for chelsea in midfield too so could do a job

  15. i agree with Andy, Bale to left midfield Modders and Wilson with Niko or Bents on the right. There is no point bringing in youngsters when we need to challenge for the top 4. I read a lot of these messages and there are too many people knocking the team and Harry. Are we Spurs supporters or moaners, lets get behind our team for the final push

  16. The amount of injuries we have at this stage of the season is a big blow. As soon as Hud went off yesterday Everton dominated the midfield. Hud has a played an important role in getting Spurs to their current spot in 4th place. However why O’hara hasn’t been brought back for cover is a question that must be answered? We had to bring a defender on yesterday to play out of postion. If we had O’hara we wouldn’t have to put ourselves in this position. 10 games to go, get Jamie back ASAP! Surely we can call him back? He belongs to THFC. Also the option of playing Modric in the middle should be looked at.
    Harry is doing a great job, to be in the mix at this stage of the season is fantastic.

  17. Yes it is all very frustrating, how we could do with Lennon who I think we have missed a lot with his pace. Sometimes things like this happening bond the team even more and you make do with what players you have available. Jenas is no great loss and Hudd has been ever present so that is a shame as well and bentley has doen very well. But this is what a big squad of players is for which we have now. Surely we can recall OHara who has been excellent at Portsmouth? If not Gudjohnsen is an option in the centre, good passer of the ball or even Corluka can do a turn as he is often better going forward than defending and a decent playmaker. Kranjcar and Modric are now vital for us and with Pav in fine form we may still be able to do this.

  18. T. Hudd is a decent central midfield, he creates loads and works hard. The through ball for Defoe to shot/cross for Pav to score was perfect. His passing completion is 80% acccording to Opta ratings this morning. Its a very busy midfield with our passing movement, unfortunately I think we are all guilty of remembering the wayward ones. If he is out I love the suggestion of moving Bale to left mid and dropping BAE into left back with Modric or Krankjcar playing inside. Loads of pace, and they would be intelligent enough to cover for each other, Redknapp should be able to reach this conclusion by himself.

  19. This is easy, a no brainer, krankjcar on the right , bale on the left, palacios defensive mid and modric roaming behind pav and defoe


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