Redknapp: Keane will be sold to the highest bidder


Robbie Keane

Harry Redknapp has admitted that Robbie Keane can leave Tottenham Hotspur in January.

The Spurs striker has started just two games this season and wants regular first team football.

Redknapp said: “I think he’d like to move – he wants to play, you know?

“Whoever offers the biggest fee will, I suppose, be the answer in January.

“He’s not used to not playing. All his career, he’s played and been a big player and he wants to play. He could sit here and take his wages, but that’s not him.

“He wants to play football. He trains hard, works hard every day, he’s shown a great attitude. Probably the hardest decision I had to make was last week: I couldn’t get him on the bench.

“It wasn’t easy when you respect somebody and what a good player he is or has been. It was hard, because he’s still a good player.”

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  1. keano…. keano…..keano……..brilliant Spurs legend, Ill be sorry to see him go but wish him all the best where ever he goes, (apart from when he plays against us).good luck robbo.

  2. Could have been a true Spurs legend, however, after declaring he wanted to remian at spurs for the rest of his career, and telling fans that he never wanted to join another club again, he become a bit of a twat by joining Liverpool, the club he "supported" since being a boy. He then come back, tail between legs, after a failed 6 months with a team managed by a Spaniard who never actually wanted him. Harry made the choice to remake him captain, and how Keane repaid him by going behind his back and taking the boys on a banned christmas jolly to dublin. Keane, all the best at Villa, Fulham, Everton etc, i'm sure you still have a few good years in you at a team like that where you can stand out a bit. However, I think Spurs moved on as you stood still, we now need world class players, something you unfortunately never grew to become, and in my opinion, think that is all due to your botched move to merseyside.

  3. I like Harry a lot but he baffles me and some of our players, in the media he his perceived to be a very good man manager. He starts of by praising the player and then contradicts himself by not playing them for ages then when he plays them he expects them to perform like they are match fit. Lets look at some of his cases Dosantos he said the lad had a great World Cup and if he works hard he can be a great player he has played against Arsenal in the league cup with a team of strangers since then nothing Keane was player of the tournament in pre season his reward was to be put on the bench. Corluka Kranjar Bentley Pavlyuchenko Jenas and even Bale have suffered from the dreaded praising there ability yet not playing them enough. This will put players off signing and Harry will need to use our kids just like Villa have done.

  4. davspurs has a good point but keane pissed on all of us by leaving then taking the other players to dublin but the blame should also be put on those other players

  5. thanks robbie, youve been great for the club. all the best in the future, hopehully your exit will be closely follwed by crouch and we can start playing football again. go raibh mile robbie


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