Redknapp: Kranjcar deserves place in Spurs side


Spurs boss Harry Redknapp paid tribute to Niko Kranjcar after another match-winning display.

The Croatian midfielder scored a stunning match-winner for the second week in a row as Tottenham beat Sunderland 2-1.

He said: “I could always stick Niko somewhere else if Gareth was fit because Niko deserves his place in the team.

“He’s a top player. He practises, he spends time after training every day. Every day, he is on the training ground after he finishes doing a half-hour’s practice.

“His dad was a top player – his dad is now the manager of Montenegro. He has been brought up with the game.

“He practises, so it is not coincidence that he can strike a ball. His technique is great.”

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  1. Yeah, and watch him warm the bench again as soon as bale comes back from injury. That will be the final straw for him and he’ll leave in the summer. Real shame. He’s got more talent in his little toe than Lennon has in his whole body but just because he runs like my nan he doesn’t fit the game plan we work to of breaking with sheer pace.

  2. Kranky deserves His place more so than Jenas, why the latter gets the MF playmaker role over Kranky beggers belief really. If need be, He (Kranky) can fill the out of form VDV role?.


  3. Kranky deserves a starting role more so than Jenas, why the latter is chosen to play the MF playmaker role instead of the aforementioned quite frankly beggers belief.

    If need be, Kranky can play the out of form role of VDV?.


  4. I don't get Harry. If you say all those things abt Kranjcar, why haven't you been playing him. I'm sure if he has one bad game, he'll be frozen out again.

  5. peinar or krankjar……kranky is the choice…..bale, modric van der vaart, lennon,krankjar… five midfield………..never put bale back to left back again harry? as in recent game ….??….dont make sense to change the dynamic of a winning style


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