Redknapp: We lack leadership


Harry Redknapp

Tottenham are lacking leadership on the field, Harry Redknapp has admitted.

Redknapp said: “I still feel at times we lack leadership and that has been a big concern for me every since I have been here.

“I feel we need one or two more out there who are a bit more vocal and have that will when things are going against you to make sure you don’t get beaten. They’re difficult to find.

“I’ve said that to the chairman loads of times.

“It might not be a superstar player you sign but someone who brings that quality.”

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  1. Scott Parker.

    Or play with ten men and get that idiot Jenas as far away as possible. Actually play with 9 men….we don’t need any of those do-nothing strikers Crouch and Pav. How can the strikers have a total of three goals between them the entire season while their midfield players, Bale and VdV have almost 20??????

    • yeah genius idea that. I suppose you think we should have the best 20 players in teh world in our squad. Time to return to the real world mate !

  2. Harry, isn’t the team captain the leader on the field? If not, it’s the time to be firm as you had earlier half of the season to find one….

  3. that was desperate. i was starting to like jenas , but after that, god no. as for us having this great squad, they are only great if they are playing, krancjar proved that tonight, he was terrible due to his lack of game time due to harrys lack of mangerial ability. we have a squad but we dont use it, harry has his favourites and wont adjust, should have given pav, bentley gio, niko,robbie, bassong, sandro,a better chance, get rid of defoe and crouch

  4. after watching the last minutes of everton game i say let's get Beckham. We definitely need an influence like that on the players


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