Redknapp lavishes praise on Luka Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

Harry Redknapp believes Croatian midfielder Luka Modric is key to Tottenham’s bid for the title.

Redknapp insists Modric, who signed for Tottenham in 2008 and has confounded critics who labelled him a “lightweight”, is one of football’s brightest talents.

“We had the outstanding player on the pitch in Luka Modric,” Redknapp said. “He was unbelievable. Magnificent.

“He’s an amazing footballer, the little man takes the ball in the tightest areas with people around him, wriggling out of situations. He could play in any team in the world.

“You will play a tight ball in to Luka Modric with someone closing him but you might not play it to some other people for fear of losing the ball and then bang, it’s in the back of your net.

“We believe we can hold our own with anybody. Tottenham is an improving team. We’re in the top five all the time now. We’re looking to get there and one day win a championship. That is the ambition of the club.”

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  1. Slightly off the subject……….. is anyone going to Newcastle on Sat?? Are you flying from Stanstead? Where is best place to drink up there??? COYS!!

  2. luka is our far most best player,he’s like top 5 midfield ever,bale and VDV will be average without him,because it will be similar situation like in real,there are is no ball from midfield that’s why they are very weak against serious clubs..modric,iniesta,xavi and cesc are serious players…messi and other forwars are nothing without them,like we saw in argentina….same happening to United,Chelsea,Liverpool…not to mention City who is far most creativless team of 5…

    p.s. yesterday i watched some milan games,we will destroy them,they are on the level of West Ham…but i think West Ham also has advantage over them :)…Ibra would be a reserve in tottenham,also almost every player of their starting-lineup wouldn’t se sunshine on Lane…guardiola gave away eto for him? it like changing gold for nothing…:)

  3. nayway,we destroyed United….especially in midfield…so the point is that in two games nobody can beat spurs…champion league here we come…


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