Redknapp: Liverpool are favourites for fourth


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp believes that Liverpool are stil favourites to finish fourth in the Premier League.

Spurs have only lost twice in 14 games in all competitions, but have drawn too many and have been overtaken by Liverpool and Manchester City in the table.

Redknapp said: “So does everybody: Aston Villa, we should have beaten them at home. Man City have got to start winning games, so has everybody, it’s tough, but the football we have played this year has been tremendous and it’s been a pleasure to be the manager of this team.

“I understand how difficult it is. Apart from Wolves away we haven’t had any defeats for quite a while, two defeats in 14 games, so it’s not as if we’re in bad form.

“I still think Liverpool are favourites to get the fourth place. To be honest, who ever saw Liverpool struggle to get into the top four? I thought they might be champions this year after two defeats last season.”


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  1. ‘Spurs have only lost twice in 14 games’

    Pathetic journalism. A quick glance at Tottenhams results tells us that they’ve lost 3 in their last 11 and only taken 6 points from the their last 6 games.

    It’s a dip in form that’s seen them go from favourites for 4th to favourites for 7th in the space of just over a month.

    It’s only a matter of time before the media (this site included) wise up to the fact that their walking sound bite/column inch is nothing but a chancer who is way out of his depth.

  2. One other thing,

    I’m sure the players are full of belief in the quest for 4th with their manager constantly telling everyone that Liverpool have more chance than them.

  3. offcourse liverpool are big favourse no wonder.since harry is going to insist playing long balls the team is going to continue loosing points.i always tought that when spurs bought crouch they are going to loose the shape and thats what is happining.not because crouch is a bad player but playing long balls always the same is an old tacted wich will not work anymore.i think puv have to play with defoe and i feel that if spurs play the same tacted as they started, they have a little chance. why england passed so easely from the world cup group?simple, they played low ball football on the ground.

  4. soooo if we played 38 games this season and drew 38 games then we are on good form?? yet 38 points from 38 games could be relegation,but who cares,we are on good form arent we redknapp!! MUG

  5. Wise up have you all got blinkers on its not just Spurs chelsea UTD Man city the mighty Stoke can Win with ten men Evefrooooom can beat UTD with thre best players missing.This is happening to all teams from the midlands down ,We have the best sqaud so why do we get beat by weaker squads made weaker by injuries and in some cases down to ten men.We have the Quikest tempo football leauge in the world and if you belive The FA and UK sport the cleanest if you belive this then carry on calling our team i no different.?


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