Redknapp: Man City can win the title


Spurs boss Harry Redknapp believes it is only a matter of time before Manchester City win the Premier League.

“They can go out and sign almost anybody,” Redknapp told BBC Radio Five Live’s ‘Sportsweek’ programme.

“They have come over here to New York and have almost 80 people in their party – it is just incredible.

“Money seems to be no problem, because the man who owns the club has so much.

“I genuinely think that eventually they will win the championship.

“If they continue and the owner stays involved, and he seems very keen, then I can see them in the next few years putting together a team that will win the Premier League.”

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  1. Love he sentiment Pap, but money talks at the end of the day and we're doing fantastically well all things considered. The question I'd like to know from Spurs fans is Would we, as Harry said recently be prepared to accept an offer from an Arab consortium for example, whereby limitless funds would be made available, and try and buy our place amongst the elite or are you happy with the way we're going about our business under ENIC, knowing that we've got limitations but kudos at the same time?. I mean its City that are in the firing line at present, and it was Chelsea before them, does it matter any longer, bearing in mind the pitfalls that Liverpool are going through right now! Interesting to know the feeling among us nonetheless?


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