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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has admitted that he would be interested in the England job.

With speculation surrounding the future of Fabio Capello after England’s 4-1 exit to Germany in the World Cup on Sunday, potential candidates are already being linked with the job.

He told talkSPORT: “They [the FA] have got a manager and until he’s not the manager it’s difficult to talk about it. But I’m English, who wouldn’t want to manage England?

“There’s not an Englishman – whether it’s me, Roy Hodgson or Sam Allardyce – who would turn the job down because it’s our country and we want to manage our country.

“No-one is ever going to turn that job down.”

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  1. Hate to say it but i think he would be perfect for england…….but if that was the case and he did go what managers are good enough to take over at the lane…….

  2. Why won’t he keep his mouth shut! How are we gonna convince players to come to Spurs if they don’t know if he’s still gonna be manager…. Levy pays him a fortune in wages, backs him in the transfer market and stuck by him with the court case.. If we turned the senario around and approached Jose Mourinho if he became available whilst ‘Arry was still manager and justified it by saying ” well if you get the chance to get the best manager in the world, you have to take it.. ‘Arry would you be happy about it? Don’t think Mr Levy will be very happy with he’s comments and rightly so.. Watch yer back ‘Arry!!

  3. Arry for England would be the perfect solution, and if it does happen, klinsman in, perfect solution for club and country.

  4. You cant bring gagging order on Harry can you? Harry Redknapp only speaks his own mind, his own opinion..timing of the events are just too perfect for Anti Spurs media to use the situation i am afraid..Capello wont be sacked, he will be given another chance to overhaul the England squad.

  5. Harry speaking his own mind is not doing he’s employer THFC any good is it?.. Imagine now if one of our players had he’s head turned by say a Man U or Chelsea, how can Harry sit him down and say “show a bit of loyalty and turn it down” when first chance to move to a bigger job and more than likely double his money he says he’s up for the job! I bet Bale and Modric are watching his comments interest…

  6. You cant worry about these things, Besides Spurs from now on are a CL club, any top manager will be jumping to manage THFC..We have the resources, a world class stadium and a state of the art training ground, THFC is becoming a top class football xlub again..Harry only speaks out of his love and passion for his country, as an englishmen would you have turned down may be the most prestigious job in anywhere in your country? It is the top of pops for an english manager.

  7. He only signed a new improved contract a couple of weeks ago! My point is he should be looking at transfer targets and doing what he’s paid for.. He doesn’t need to broadcast to the whole world he wants the England job he’s got an agent to do these things.. It just goes to show the Pompey fans were right.. Harry just does what’s good for Harry..Bollocks to anyone else!

  8. Harry is contracted to Tottenham untill 2014, surely Levy wouldn't let our beloved Harry go.

    Two weeks ago Soccernet revealed Harry Redknapp has a secret two-year extension built into his existing three-year contract that keeps him at Tottenham Hotspur until 2014. Harry is contracted to us, can't see how he could leave, unless Levy lets him out of his contract.

    Article link below

  9. If Harry did take the job,the new England team would have a core of King,Dawson,Lennon,Hudds,Crouch,Defoe & a few more fringe players like Rooney,A.Cole & maybe J. Cole,depending on where he goes.

  10. harry can do both england job is part time ,not an every day job,its not the big thing it used to be ,club football is more important,than manageing a country same as playing,


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