Redknapp: Players need to be role models


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Harry Redknapp claims footballers must set the right example with their behaviour.

Reports about John Terry’s private life have dominated the news this week, but Redknapp wants players to set an example.

“John Terry, as a player, is a fantastic centre-half,” he said.

“Terry is a leader when he plays. He organises and bosses people on the pitch.

“I do not want to be second-guessing what the England manager is going to do. I am sure he will make a decision.”

“There have to be standards, really, I think with young footballers and everybody else,” he explained.

“Footballers are young men, but they are role models and they are setting examples to kids out there – and they have to set the right examples.

“Kids look up to them every day and wear their shirts, they are in the public eye and they get very well paid to be in the public eye.

“When we were kids, we all idolised footballers and it’s no different now – they all turn up to games with a name and number on the back, whether it’s Lampard, [Steven] Gerrard or [Jermain] Defoe.”

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