Redknapp plays down Tottenham’s FA Cup chances


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Harry Redknapp has played down Tottenham’s reputation of being FA Cup specialists.

Spurs take on Portsmouth in the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday and will be looking to book their place in the final for the first time since 1991 to set up a date against Chelsea or Aston Villa.

“They say that it’s a cup club but it’s nearly 20 years since they won,” Redknapp said. “I don’t know who’s expectations these are. What do people expect? Why are we expected to win it now?

“Who’s won the FA Cup outside the top four apart from Portsmouth in the last 15 years? Only one team has won it outside the top four in that time so I don’t know why we’re expected to win it.”

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  1. Nothing like being positive eh Harry. What is wrong with wanting to win it, having a positive attitude, are we too scared to win?! Yes we should beat Portsmouth but have no devine right to, or shall we just lie down, mess it up and lose. I am sure Portsmouth want nothing more after the season they have had to go for it and win the game. So what do we expect Harry, well mate, we expect to win the Cup – end of!

    • Don't forget mate, we don't win the cup if we beat Portsmouth. We win if we beat them and then Chelsea afterward.

      There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, I'm pretty certain Harry "WANTS" to win. What he is saying is that he does understand all the expectations of Spurs to go on and win it because we are this so called Cup club???

      And when you look at the winners of the cup for the last 10 years who can blame him for feeling that way.

      Chelsea are the ones who should be "Expected" to win, not Spurs. All the same I know Harry will put out a good team and they will give it everything. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!


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